Once upon a time, two brothers had a dream... And a century later, that dream has come true countless times over because of the passion cultivated around the world, and across generations, by fans like you. D23: The Official Disney Fan Club celebrated with fans at The Most Magical Place on Earth—reflecting on the 100 years of joy, imagination, and hope brought to you by the stories you love most—at the biggest Disney fan event of the year: Destination D23 presented by Lug.

All of the worlds of Disney will come together for a fan experience like no other at D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event!

D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Experience
Three phones are spread across a purple background with small white specks on it and Destination D23 written on the bottom left corner in white. One phone is in the middle and the two others are poking out of either side. The left phone has Minnie Mouse on the screen in a purple dress with white polka dots, white heels, and a purple bow. Her hands are clasped together as she bends over to rest her hands on them while smiling. She is on a purple background with white stars on either side of her. On the middle phone, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is on the screen popping out of a purple circle while smiling with one of his hands up waving. He is on a white background with D23 The Official Fan Club written at the bottom in black. The right phone features Mickey Mouse who has purple shorts on while pointing to himself with one hand while the other hand is on his hip as he is in front of a purple background.

Celebrate 100 years of Disney and show off your fandom with brand-new phone and desktop wallpapers.

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