“Goin’ Down the Bayou”: D23 Gold Members Celebrate The Princess and the Frog and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

“Goin’ Down the Bayou”: D23 Gold Members Celebrate The Princess and the Frog and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

By Emma Winikow

D23 Gold Members enjoyed a lively journey “down the bayou,” joining Princess Tiana and her friends for a memorable visit to Walt Disney World Resort on Saturday, June 22. The festivities commenced with a special screening of The Princess and the Frog at AMC Dine-In Disney Springs, marking the 15-year milestone of this iconic film. As guests entered the theater, they were instantly immersed in the enchantment of New Orleans, greeted with a complimentary beverage, a special New Orleans-inspired cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse™, and a special D23-exclusive pin featuring Ray and Evangeline. The pin even glows in the dark, echoing the radiant love between the two.

Before the film started, fans were delighted with a sweet surprise: Imagineer Karin Hansen gave a captivating presentation. Karin was one of the incredible minds who helped bring Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to life, and her story was both magical and deeply inspiring. But the celebration extended beyond the AMC theater...

Later that evening, D23 Gold Members were invited into the gates of the Magic Kingdom Park, where they were among the firsts to experience Tiana’s Bayou Adventure! Even better, they had unlimited visits to the bayou throughout the night. Heeding Tiana’s advice, we made sure to secure a band so that D23 Gold Members could savor live jazz music and dance throughout the celebration! As a special thank you for joining us “down in New Orleans,” D23 Gold Members received a D23-exclusive Tiana’s Bayou Adventure commemorative pin.

It was heartening to witness D23 Gold Members celebrating the inspiring tale of The Princess and the Frog alongside its remarkable new attraction. If you missed this trip to the bayou, don't worry! Tiana’s Bayou Adventure recently opened to the public at Magic Kingdom Park, and it will open later this year at Disneyland Resort. Tiana once sang, "Dreams do come true in New Orleans"—and now, with the opening of her very own attraction, her words resonate more than ever.