The ABC TV network airs the Disneyland TV show, featuring A Story of Dogs. The show is a look at the making of Lady and the Tramp, plus a group of Pluto films

ABC Airs A Story of Dogs on the Disneyland TV Show

On this day in 1954, “A Story of Dogs” first aired on the Disneyland TV series. On camera,
Walt took “paws”
. . . to talk about the stars of his latest film, Lady and the Tramp. He explained that it was a particularly fun film to make because “it was an original story to start with and as we made the picture and got to know the characters we kept getting new ideas,…

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Scene with Pluto running with his puppies on his back

Pluto’s QuinPuplets is Released

The object of Pluto’s affection has long been a cute canine named Fifi, who appeared in five cartoons beginning in 1933. In Pluto’s Quin-Puplets, which was released on this day in 1937, he got the girl. The Pluto cartoon short begins with some new signage on the pup’s doghouse, now reading “Mr. & Mrs. Pluto and family.” The “family” part refers to the couple’s adorable…

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