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Seven Things at Disneyland that Make D23′s Studio Tour Even More Cool

Partners Statue
Location: Central hub, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland


Visitors to Disneyland are well familiar with the Partners statue, sculpted by Disney Legend Blaine Gibson featuring Walt and Mickey Mouse standing together. The Walt Disney Studios also has the Partners statue—placed in 2001 in honor of what would have been Walt’s 100th birthday—in Legends Plaza. And what makes this version of the statue unique is that it’s the only place where guests can walk up and pose with Walt and Mickey!

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Hollymont Property sign
Location: Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure


When Walt joined his brother Roy in Southern California in (of course) 1923, they rented space from Holly Vermont Realty in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles for their first studio. Guests hear about the Studio’s growth throughout the years—including the purchase of more than 50 acres of land in Burbank — during the tour. Imagineers made a loving tribute to this landmark on Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure.

Ink & Paint Store
Location: Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure


This merchandise location goes a lot more than ink-deep. The detail work that went into designing this store is impeccable, so take some time to look around. And what about those “inks and paints” on display above the registers? Guests get to see the real things during the Studio tour.

Underground Tunnels
Location: Disneyland


Disney fans know that there are several underground service tunnels at Disneyland. When designing Walt Disney World, the idea was expanded upon and the Utilidor was constructed in the form of a series of tunnels under Magic Kingdom. But the Walt Disney Studios has the first Disney underground tunnel—connecting the Animation and Ink and Paint buildings—and guests on the tour get to walk through it.

Mark Twain Steamboat
Location: Frontierland, Disneyland


It’s hard to imagine the Mark Twain Riverboat existing anywhere but Disneyland. But the superstructure for the ship was actually constructed in Stage 2 of the Walt Disney Studios lot, while Disneyland was being built. It was then disassembled and put back together at Disneyland once builders knew it would look and function as they had imagined.

Mr. Lincoln, it’s a small world, the Monorail, Autopia cars, and the Disneyland Railroad
Location: Various, Disneyland


All these marvelous creations have one thing in common—they were all worked on in the TEAM building on the Lot. Different than the Team Disney buildings that exist today in Burbank, Orlando, and Anaheim, housing Disney executive leadership, this TEAM building stood for Technical Engineering and Manufacturing and was where Disney broke ground time and time again with spectacular innovations and attractions.

Disneyland Park
Location: Anaheim, California


We’d be remiss if we didn’t note Disneyland actually could have been in Burbank, adjacent to the Studios. Across Riverside Drive is a plot of land where the ABC West Coast Headquarters and Roy E. Disney Animation Building currently stand. But when Walt first dreamed up an idea for a “Mickey Mouse Park,” he thought it would be the ideal location for families to meet Mickey Mouse and enjoy attractions together. While Walt’s dream grew into Disneyland, and eventually to the orange groves of Anaheim, on the tour, guests see the plot of land where a park was once envisioned.

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