Disney+ Kicks Off Big New Adventures for Our Favorite Little Critters in Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life

By Beth Deitchman

Chip ‘n’ Dale may be tiny but they do everything on a grand scale, whether they’re helping themselves to all of Pluto’s acorns, playing babysitter to a big group of babies on the playground, or eagerly inspecting every single one of their neighbor’s mail order packages on their quest to locate a nutcracker (while discovering fun uses for drones and smartphones in the process). They’re the same delightful duo that we first met in the 1943 short Private Pluto, but the new original series Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life brings modern sensibilities to the chipmunks’ new adventures. The 12-episode series arrives on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 28, with new episodes debuting weekly.

“We wanted every story to root into relatable domestic issues or stories that we can all relate to,” director Jean Cayrol says. “We wanted to know more about them and their life; like what do they have for lunch every day? Do they really eat acorns? Do they have a small tiny sofa they sit on and that kind of stuff.” In each story, those everyday issues give way to bold, slapstick comedy. Cayrol explains that Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life is ultimately about “two friends living together and sharing some space and big, cartoon-y madness… Everything is fun working with Chip ‘n’ Dale.”

Disney fans likely remember that Chip is distinguished by his small black nose (which resembles a chocolate chip) and his single buck tooth; while Dale’s nose is larger and red, with his two teeth separated by a large gap. Cayrol and the team from Xilam Animation, the France-based production company behind Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life, wanted to make sure that the two chipmunks’ personalities were also distinct in the new series. Cayrol explains, “[Chip is] kind of anxious and overthinking everything… Dale is the more laid-back, chill, acting-before-thinking type of character.” The best buddies are the perfect odd couple, and Cayrol believes that audiences will easily relate to the dynamic of this dichotomous duo.

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life

The collegially contentious but always loving relationship between Chip and Dale is sure to have universal appeal, and so will the stories—which feature no dialogue but loads of over-the-top comedy. “Language is a big part of communication for humans,” Cayrol notes. “So at first we were kind of scared that it was going to be difficult to translate that in a nonverbal series. But very quickly we realized that with the power of 2D animation and with the expertise of Xilam Animation, which is kind of well-known for its nonverbal shows like [the international hit] Oggy and the Cockroaches, everything went very smooth.” Between the characters’ facial expressions, the stellar animation, and expert voice acting, the story is always completely clear. “I think everyone will be able to enjoy the show in France, the U.S., Russia or anywhere, really. The slapstick humor is universal—you don’t need to translate that,” Cayrol says.

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life

That said, Chip and Dale do speak their own language… even if humans may not comprehend the words the chipmunks are uttering. Cayrol shares what he describes as a “big production secret,” revealing that voice actors Matthew Géczy (Chip) and Kaycie Chase (Dale) created their own chipmunk language for the pair. The Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life writers scripted actual dialogue that the characters performed out loud. “And then I said, ‘OK, now do exactly the same—same intention, same energy—just go chipmunk,’” Cayrol shares. He emphasizes that it’s the actors ability to “go chipmunk” that truly brings these characters voices to life, and that little, if any, sound effects came into play. The Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life cast also includes Disney Legend Bill Farmer, who the director was thrilled to work with on the series. “Every single one of his takes is amazing; even if it’s just barking, it’s super funny,” Cayrol says. “I think the hard choice for a director is to have to choose between three excellent takes every time.”

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life

Each episode of Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life is comprised of three seven-minute stories that have been brought to life through striking 2D animation. Cayrol explains, “For the backgrounds, we knew we wanted to have that kind of old-school vibe, but with a new flavor added to it.” The animation was created on a computer, but in a style that reflects a hand-drawn style as much as possible. That approach also led to boldly drawn characters with hyper-expressive eyes and a “malleable, stretchy kind of vibe” that Cayrol believes is perfectly suited for slapstick comedy. He notes, “The beauty of 2D animation is that you can do whatever you want. You’re not restrained by the 3D model that you cannot move a certain way. It’s 2D, so you pretty much can draw whatever you want—there are no limits.”

There are also no limits to the trouble Chip ‘n’ Dale will be getting into—or the fun that will ensue—on Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life. Stream the first episode Wednesday, July 28, only on Disney+, and then look for new adventures (and misadventures) every week.

Celebrate 55 Years of Marvel’s Black Panther with This D23-Exclusive Pin

By the D23 Team

D23-Exclusive Marvel’s Black Panther 55th Anniversary Pin

Wakanda Forever! Celebrate 55 years of Wakanda’s greatest warrior, king, and Avenger with this pin created just for D23. Set in retro soft enamel, this D23 Gold Member exclusive is the perfect way to celebrate 55 years of this Marvel hero’s comic book debut!

Our Black Panther pin, offered in a limited edition of 1,966, will be available exclusively to D23 Gold Members on shopDisney at 7 a.m. PT on July 26, 2021.

black panther pin

*Available while supplies last. To purchase, you must log in to shopDisney.com with the Disney account tied to D23 Gold Membership. Pins are sold for $12.99 each, plus applicable sales tax. Maximum of one (1) pin of this style for purchase per D23 Gold Member for online orders. Shipping not available to PO boxes; shipping and handling fees may vary for all online orders. Other restrictions may apply. All information is subject to change including, but not limited to, artwork, release dates, editions sizes, and retail prices.

Set Sail for Adventure with this D23-Exclusive Jungle Cruise La Quila Pin

By the D23 Team

D23-Exclusive Jungle Cruise La Quila Pin

Are you ready to chart a rollicking course for exploration and celebrate the premiere of Disney’s Jungle Cruise? Start your adventure with this pin created just for D23, which depicts skipper Frank Wolff’s ramshackle-but-charming boat, the La Quila, in hard enamel. This oversized, limited-edition D23 Gold Member exclusive is the perfect way to take the pun-filled adventure home!

jungle cruise pin

Our Jungle Cruise pin, offered in a Limited edition of 1,750, will be available exclusively to D23 Gold Members on shopDisney at 7 a.m. PT on July 26, 2021.

*Available while supplies last. To purchase, you must log in to shopDisney.com with the Disney account tied to D23 Gold Membership. Pins are sold for $14.99 each, plus applicable sales tax. Maximum of one (1) pin of this style for purchase per D23 Gold Member for online orders. Shipping not available to PO boxes; shipping and handling fees may vary for all online orders. Other restrictions may apply. All information is subject to change including, but not limited to, artwork, release dates, editions sizes, and retail prices.

EXCLUSIVE: Gonzo Wants to Dress as a Princess in Muppet Babies Sneak Peek

By Zach Johnson

Being yourself is always in fashion.

Gonzo (voice of Ben Diskin) learns that lesson in a brand-new episode of Disney Junior’s Emmy® Award-nominated series Muppet Babies, airing tonight at 5 p.m. ET/PT. In the Muppet Babies’ imagination sequence, Gonzo wants to dress as a princess for the Royal Ball, just like Piggy (voice of Melanie Harrison) and Summer Penguin (voice of Jessica DiCicco)—all while the other boys, including Kermit (voice of Matt Danner), Fozzie Bear (voice of Eric Bauza), and Animal (voice of Dee Bradley Baker), plan to dress up as knights.

According to the princess handbook, only girls can wear princess dresses, while boys must dress like knights. Luckily, Rizzo the Fairy RatFather grants Gonzo’s wish and gives him a magical gown so no one will suspect it’s him! At the Royal Ball, Gonzo helps Piggy and Summer see that doing things a little different can be fun, inspiring him to tell his friends the truth. Before tonight’s episode debuts on Disney Junior, watch an exclusive clip below:

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So, what inspired the episode, titled “Gonzo-rella”?

“Very early on, we wanted to do an episode where Gonzo just showed up to the Playroom wearing a skirt. And it was no big deal. No one cared or questioned it because Gonzo is always 200% Gonzo 347% of the time,” says Muppet Babies executive producer Tom Warburton. “But then story editor/co-producer Robyn Brown and her team wanted to take it a step further and do a Cinderella story based on the idea. And it was just SO wonderfully Gonzo. We hope he inspires kids watching to be 347% of themselves in their own way, too.”

Want more Muppet Babies adventures? The first three seasons are now streaming on Disney+, and episodes from the second and third seasons are available in the DisneyNOW app.

Disney Magic Returns to Broadway with Live at The New Am

By Zach Johnson

Take a bow!

On Thursday night, Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre reopened in grand fashion with Live at The New Am: A Benefit Concert for The Actors Fund. Performed by Disney on Broadway stars Ashley Brown (Mary Poppins), Michael James Scott (Aladdin), Kissy Simmons (The Lion King), and Josh Strickland (Tarzan) to a sold-out audience, the benefit concert marked the first live performance in the New Amsterdam Theatre since all of Broadway shut down in March 2020. Plus, it was the first Broadway performance to hire actors on an Equity contract, the union of Broadway performers, since the shutdown began.

disney on broadway

Featuring beloved hit songs from Disney’s Broadway shows—including “Beauty and the Beast,” “Circle of Life,” “Let It Go,” and “A Whole New World”—the benefit concert will play three more performances*, on July 23 and 24 at 7:30 p.m. ET and on July 25 at 2 p.m. ET. Tickets ranging in price from $79.50 to $99.50 are available now through Ticketmaster.

And, to honor the dedication and the continued hard work of New York’s healthcare workers, Disney has provided 2,000 free tickets to the concert to healthcare workers from the Greater New York Hospital Association and their families to enjoy Live at The New Am.

disney on broadway

As the health and safety of guests, cast, musicians, and crew remains a top priority, all guests entering the theatre for Live at the New Am will be required to provide proof of vaccination. Guests under the age of 12 must also be accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

Of course, you don’t need a ticket to enjoy a clip from Thursday’s performance:

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If you’ve missed Disney on Broadway productions as much as we have, you’re in luck: Disney’s hit Broadway productions of The Lion King and Aladdin will reopen this fall! The Lion King will resume performances at the Minskoff Theatre on September 14, and Aladdin will resume performances at the New Amsterdam Theatre on September 28. Tickets for both productions are on sale now. For more information, please visit Disney on Broadway.

disney on broadway

Since the shutdown began in March 2020, The Actors Fund has provided more than 16,450 entertainment professionals with grants totaling more than $22 million. That marks an amazing increase of more than 1,000% over its typical grant support before the pandemic.

*Assisted listening devices will be available for all performances. The matinee on Sunday, July 25, will feature live closed captioning, available via personal devices, as well as live ASL interpretation.

A True-Life Jungle Cruise with National Geographic: The Nile River

By Justin Arthur and the National Geographic Image Collection

In celebration of the “gnu” excitement coming to the Jungle Cruise attractions at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom this summer, along with the Disney’s Jungle Cruise, in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access on July 30, D23 is teaming up with the National Geographic Image Collection to explore some of the real-life rivers that have inspired Adventureland over the years! If you missed our adventures on the Mekong River or Congo River, be sure to check them out!

jungle cruise
Can you believe how tall those…trees are? A pair of giraffes peer over Walt Disney World’s Jungle Cruise, 1976.
Photo from the Walt Disney Archives Collection.

Our next photo safari takes us to the Nile River, which flows Niles and Niles and Niles from northeastern Africa into the Mediterranean Sea. In Adventureland, this river that snakes through jungles and deserts lends itself to “dry humor” and provides the perfect home to bellowing hippos, vast savannahs, and snapping crocodiles!

jungle cruise
Speak! Louder! A boat passes a mighty African elephant at Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise, August 1960.
Photo from the Walt Disney Archives Collection.
jungle cruise
Walt Disney and engineer Louis Francuz inspect the newly refurbished African Veldt portion of Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise, 1964.
Photo from the Walt Disney Archives Collection.

The National Geographic Image Collection archives began in 1919 as an illustration library and contains over 64.5 million still images dating back to the 1860s. The Image Collection is carefully preserved, curated, and digitized, with amazing photos from the pages of National Geographic magazine constantly added, making it one of the most significant photo collections in the world. D23 is pleased to partner with the expert team at the Image Collection to offer a glimpse into this vast archive and celebrate the Jungle Cruise!

jungle cruise
Feluccas, or traditional wooden sailing boats of the eastern Mediterranean, skim across the still waters of the upper Nile River, Egypt. Published in the November 1955 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Photo by David Boyer/National Geographic Image Collection.

The real-world Nile is the longest river in the world, flowing about 4,132 miles from south to north. If you don’t believe that, you’re in de-Nile. Critical to the development of ancient Egypt, the river flows through ten other African countries, with its roots in the regions around Lake Victoria. People in the region have depended on it for water, agriculture, and transportation for millennia. Along with the ruins of ancient civilizations, a rich array of wildlife also calls this area home, including hippos, snakes, turtles, and, of course, the Nile crocodile. Explorers and adventurers alike have been inspired by this region for centuries, and remain so today, making it the perfect true-life Adventureland.

jungle cruise
A few miles west of the Nile River, silhouetted Bedouin camel riders pass before the Great Pyramids, Giza Egypt, 1980.
Photo by Gordon Gahan/National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
Never too full for desert, Americans sail along a byway of the Nile river, Egypt, c. 1964.
Photo by Winfield Parks/National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
The Great Sphinx at Giza, built nearly 4,500 years ago, along the west bank of the Nile, Egypt. Published in the May 1923 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Photo by Kodak Ltd/National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
The ancient Egyptian Temple of Isis rises above the island of Philae, surrounded by the Nile River, Egypt. Published in the May 1906 issue of National Geographic Magazine. National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
Animals and people gather in an area near the meeting point of the Nile’s two main tributaries: the Blue Nile and White Nile, Khartoum, Sudan. Published in the May 1906 issue of National Geographic Magazine. National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
A pair of hippopotami show no regrets (but some egrets!) as they bathe in the Victoria Nile River, Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, c. 1964.
Photo by Frank and Helen Schreider/National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
The upper section of the Nile River, the Victoria Nile thunders through 20-foot-wide rift and crashes into Murchison Falls, Uganda. Published in the November 1971 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Photo by George F. Mobley/National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
A real stork in the mud. Wood storks stand along the shore of the Victoria Nile River, Uganda, c. 1971.
Photo by Joe Scherschel/National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
A silhouetted traveler rides a donkey past a minaret and palm trees at dawn, Nile Delta, Egypt. Published in the December 1966 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Photo by Dean Conger/National Geographic Image Collection.
jungle cruise
Some familiar stripes appear as sailboat passes the colossi of Ramses II, Abu Simbel, Egypt. Published on the cover of the May 1965 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
Photo by Winfield Parks/National Geographic Image Collection.

Thanks for joining our true-life Jungle Cruise on the Nile River, and be sure to join us next week as we explore one final destination with National Geographic. As you exit, please don’t be confused by the dock on the left and dock on the right as you unload the boat—we call that a pair-a-dox!

Disney+ to Debut Two New SparkShorts—Plus More in News Briefs

By Courtney Potter


Disney+ Reveals Pixar Animation Studios’ SparkShorts Lineup

The good folks over at Disney+ just revealed the fresh new lineup for their Pixar Animation Studios’ SparkShorts program—which, if you haven’t already given a looksee on the streaming service, you positively must. (Several have debuted since the program’s start in 2019, and are available to stream right this very moment!)

Debuting on the platform in just a few months’ time are two new shorts… Directed by Aphton Corbin and created using hand-drawn animation, Twenty Something details exactly how hard adulting can be. Some days you’re nailing it, while other days, you’re just a stack of kids hiding in a trench coat hoping no one notices—and Gia finds herself in this exact scenario the night of her 21st birthday. Look for this SparkShorts installment to premiere on September 10.

Meanwhile, in Nona—directed by Louis Gonzales—a grandmother plans to spend her day off by shutting out the world to watch her favorite TV show, E.W.W. Smashdown Wrestling. But when her 5-year-old granddaughter Renee is unexpectedly dropped off, Nona is caught between her two favorite things. Nona premieres on September 17.

But that’s not all: Disney+ will also premiere a new feature-length documentary called A SparkStory—a co-production of Pixar and Supper Club—that takes an intimate look at Pixar’s SparkShorts filmmaking process. Watch for it on the streaming service beginning September 24.

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Weekend

Stay cool this weekend with a plethora of incredible content to watch from around the worlds of Disney—including a new episode of The Mysterious Benedict Society, and premiere of original documentaries Playing with Sharks and Stuntman (all on Disney+), as well as an all-new episode of The Owl House on Disney Channel. For a more complete rundown, do click here.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

New Poster for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World

Hard to believe but, considering it’s already July, we really are getting closer and closer to the ridiculously anticipated opening of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser—an immersive two-night journey that invites guests into a whole new kind of “storyliving” as they travel the galaxy in an amazingly appointed starship.

Earlier this week, our friends at the Disney Parks Blog revealed a brand-new Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser poster—which reveals a few more details than we’ve been previously privy to. Cases in point: The sleek Halcyon starcruiser, in the upper-left corner, is your home for this two-night adventure—and it’s known for its impeccable service, fabulous entertainment, and exquisite dining. Meanwhile, the four people at the center of the poster—a youngling wearing Jedi robes and wielding a lightsaber; an adult dressed in the uniform of a First Order officer; a Twi’lek adult; and another youngling holding an interesting piece of technology—are meant to represent the Halcyon’s travelers. In front of them is an R-series astromech droid, but one that appears to have a few extra bells and whistles. Around the rest of the poster are depictions of the amazing culinary adventures travelers can expect, a peek at lightsaber training, the looming visage of Kylo Ren, and even—for those that have already visited a certain far-flung planet—some very familiar spires…

For more info, and to sign up to receive updates, lightspeed over to StarWarsGalacticStarcruiser.com.

Go Behind the Scenes with Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Loki

Wanna know what it took to bring the Time Variance Authority (TVA) to life? So do we—and thankfully, Disney+ can help!

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Loki is a brand-new, exclusive special now streaming that takes viewers behind the scenes of the six-episode Disney+ original series, from Loki’s first moments inside the TVA to facing the man behind it all, He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors)—and everything in between! Viewers will hear from stars Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino, and more, along with the talented creative team behind Loki’s shenanigans, including director Kate Herron and head writer Michael Waldron.

The special delves into new corners of the Void, the end of time and, of course, the TVA. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a certain fan-fave character: the Alligator Loki all-blue stand-in stuffed animal.

Marvel Studios’ Loki is now streaming, only on Disney+. Binge all six episodes today!

Wonderful World of Animation

More Entertainment Returns to Walt Disney World Resort

As our pals at Walt Disney World Resort continue to work on bringing even more entertainment experiences back, the Disney Parks Blog recently shared news of four more favorites returning in short order.

Starting on August 1, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will light up the night with the return of Wonderful World of Animation; this cinematic nighttime experience uses super-cool projection mapping technology to transform the park’s iconic Chinese Theater on a magical journey through more than 90 years of Disney animation. Meanwhile, on August 15, a tale as old as time will return to Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard with Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage—the heartwarming tale of Belle and Beast that swirls to life in a tuneful stage production.

Wait, there’s more: Over at Magic Kingdom Park, Mike Wazowski will begin welcoming humans to the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor on August 8, and Crush will once again answer everyone’s most pressing (and usually hilarious) questions at Turtle Talk with Crush within The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT beginning August 21.

Stay tuned for more further live-entertainment developments—including news about all-new nighttime spectaculars helping to kick off The World’s Most Magical Celebration, in honor of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary—in the coming months…

Nutty New Trailer for Disney+’s Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life

Earlier this week, Disney+ debuted the official trailer for Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life, their all-new animated series premiering Wednesday, July 28. Get a sneak at the chipmunk duo’s hilarious hijinks, above.

Comprised of three seven-minute stories, each episode of Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life follows two tiny troublemakers, Chip and Dale, trying to live the good life in a big city park while having giant-sized, sky-high adventures. Nervous worrier Chip and laid-back dreamer Dale make the perfect odd couple: they’re best buddies and they drive each other nuts. In their perpetual pursuit of acorns, these ultimate underdogs are joined by Pluto, Butch, and several other iconic Disney characters as they face down bullies great and small.

Filled with laugh-out-loud cartoon comedy, wacky adventures, and even a few tugs at the ol’ heartstrings, the 12-episode series will debut new episodes weekly on Disney+. Don’t miss out!

ICYMI: Having a Doggone Good Time at the Turner & Hooch Premiere…

D23 was lucky enough to attend last week’s red carpet (or should we say, green carpet) premiere of the new Disney+ series Turner & Hooch—and we got to talk to just about everyone involved! Find out more about what you can expect from the new comedy series, inspired by the 1989 film starring Tom Hanks, right here.

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Weekend

By Zach Johnson

Beat the summer heat by staying inside and streaming the 2006 animated adventure Ice Age: The Meltdown, which joins the Disney+ library this Friday. That same day, the streaming service will debut a new episode of The Mysterious Benedict Society and premiere two new original documentary films: Playing with Sharks and Stuntman. Last but certainly not least, Disney Channel will broadcast a magical episode of The Owl House on Saturday.

ice age

Ice Age: The Meltdown—Friday, July 23, on Disney+
As global warming melts their surroundings, sloth Sid (voice of John Leguizamo), saber tooth tiger Diego (voice of Denis Leary), mammoth couple Manny (voice of Ray Romano) and Ellie (voice of Queen Latifah), and possum brothers Crash (voice of Seann William Scott) and Eddie (voice of Josh Peck) must survive a flood and emerge as a unified family.

mysterious benedict society

The Mysterious Benedict Society—Friday, July 23, on Disney+
Mr. Benedict (Tony Hale) reveals the truth about his past with Dr. Curtain (Hale)—and how he may be partly to blame for the latter’s misdeeds. The adults agree the mission has gotten too dangerous to continue. In addition, Sticky (Seth B. Carr) is given a special task during Messenger duty and begins to question his loyalties. Meanwhile, Kate (Emmy DeOliveira) and Reynie (Mystic Inscho) develop their respective friendships with Martina (Saara Chaudry) and Curtain’s son, SQ (Ricardo Ortiz), in order to advance their mission.

playing with sharks

Playing with Sharks—Friday, July 23, on Disney+
A true pioneer in both underwater filmmaking and shark research, Valerie Taylor is a living legend and icon in the underwater world whose life’s work has become the basis for much of what we know about sharks today. Through remarkable underwater archival footage, along with interviews with Taylor herself, this original documentary feature follows this daring ocean explorer’s trajectory from champion spearfisher to passionate shark protector.

stunt man

Stuntman—Friday, July 23, on Disney+
Millions have seen his work, but nobody has seen his face. Kurt Mattila’s documentary follows professional stuntman Eddie Braun as he attempts one of the most dangerous stunts in history. Contemplating retirement and having survived over three decades of car crashes, explosions, high falls, and death-defying leaps, Braun decides to finish out his career by recreating the infamous Snake River Canyon rocket jump, a televised event that almost killed the man who inspired him to become a professional stuntman: Evel Knievel.

owl house

The Owl House—Saturday, July 24, at 10 a.m. ET on Disney Channel
In the all-new episode “Eda’s Requiem,” an exceptional witch from her past enlists Eda (voice of Wendie Malick) in a rebellion against Emperor Belos (voice of Matthew Rhys).

The Loki Series is Filled with Glorious Easter Eggs

By The D23 Team


The season finale of Loki was a lot to process. While we finally discovered who was really behind the TVA, we were also left on a cliffhanger that has us desperate to see what’s next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will Loki ever reunite with “his” Mobius and Hunter B-15? Did Sylvie make a huge mistake killing “He Who Remains”? And will we ever see “Alligator Loki” again? For now, we can’t answer these questions, so to bide our time, we’ve come up with the next best thing: Rewatching the entirety of Loki to catch all the Easter eggs we missed during our first watch. We’ve rounded up our favorite details below, so join us on our own time-travel mission—to travel back to the start of Loki:


Did you catch these callbacks?
Loki features several dialogue moments referencing other Marvel films that sharp-eared fans may have noticed. When we first meet Loki in episode one, aptly titled “Glorious Purpose,” he declared himself “burdened with glorious purpose.” The thought must be fresh on his mind, as it’s one of his most famous lines from Marvel’s The Avengers, the events of which he was just fleeing. In episode three, “Lamentis,” Loki channeled his brother while drinking on the train to the Ark. After a rousing performance of an Asgardian tune, he smashes his empty cup, declaring “Another!” This echos a hilarious moment in the original Thor film, where Thor smashes his finished cup of coffee, much to the chagrin of Jane Foster and her friends.

One callback is caught in the subtitles—in the end credits scene of episode four, “The Nexus Event,” Loki wakes up in the void and asks, “Am I in Hel?” The spelling is important—Hel is the realm ruled by Hela, his sister who caused world-ending trouble in Thor: Ragnarok.


This episode sponsored by Nexus
When Nexus Events are first introduced in episode one, you might have thought the name sounded familiar. Perhaps that’s because you were one of the many Marvel fans trying to decipher the meanings of the ominous commercial breaks in WandaVision. While some of the commercials had obvious connections to the plot of WandaVision or Wanda’s own life (hello, Hydra-branded Strücker watch), one commercial featuring Nexus antidepressants had fans scratching their heads—until now, anyway! Described as a pill that can anchor you back to the “reality of your choice,” we can now connect these pills to the Nexus Events in Loki, which break reality and deviate from the “Sacred Timeline,” creating the potential for multiverses… perhaps, you could even say it creates a… Multiverse of Madness? We know Wanda will have a role in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, so it’s only fitting that multiverse-causing Nexus Events would be important enough to be part of WandaVision’s cryptic commercials.


In space, no one can hear you time travel
This Easter egg is for those of us who like to stay through—and read!—the credits. In episode three, the soldiers who guard the train to the Ark are named Corporal Hicks and Private Hudson in the end credits. Savvy movie fans might recognize those names from a different intergalactic adventure—they’re the names of Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton’s characters from the 1986 film Aliens!


Beware of vampire variants!
In episode four, Mobius discusses the various variants he’s encountered—including “Kree, Titans, and vampires.” While we’ve already encountered two of the three mentioned in the MCU, we haven’t had any run-ins with vampires. That will change soon, though—as announced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, two-time Oscar® winner Mahershala Ali will star as the title character in Blade, who in Marvel comics is a half-human/half-vampire who has made it his mission to protect mortals from the undead. We don’t know a lot of details on this film yet, but we’re excited that the concept of vampires is already being hinted at in the MCU.


Throw it all in the void
What exists at the end of time? In episode five, “Journey into Mystery,” we discover the answer: A huge void full of pruned variants and discarded artifacts from other timelines. Or, in other words, a land full of Easter eggs! It’s a lot to take in on the first watch through (besides, we only have eyes for “Alligator Loki”), but next time you watch the episode, see if you can spot some of these references to Marvel comics and characters:

  • The Thanos-Copter, first infamously featured in a 1979 Marvel comic
  • Frog Thor in a jar, (a.k.a. “Throg”) the amphibious version of the God of Thunder first featured in Thor No. 365 (hinted at by the number T365 on Frog Thor’s jar)
  • Yellowjacket’s giant helmet
  • A crashed S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier

We could be here a while listing all the strange things lurking in the background of the void, but we’d be remiss to exclude some of the real-world references you can also spot while the band of variant Lokis roam the land:

  • The USS Eldridge, a ship that allegedly turned invisible due to secret experiments (or was it just the TVA?)
  • Polybius, the urban legend arcade game that was rumored to hypnotize its players until the game mysteriously vanished (perhaps due to the TVA?)


Journey into Mystery
While Episode five, “Journey into Mystery,” is full of fun visual details and Easter eggs, don’t miss an especially relevant Easter egg hiding right in the episode title! Journey into Mystery is the name of the Marvel comic series where Loki first appeared in 1962, rocking a costume highly reminiscent of Richard E. Grant’s “Classic Loki.”


Know your variants
“Classic Loki,” isn’t the only variant that was pulled directly from the comics. Jack Veal’s “Kid Loki,” the child variant who was pruned for killing Thor, is directly inspired from Kid Loki in Marvel Comics, first featured in Thor 617 in 2010, but popularly seen causing mischief in The Young Avengers comics. “President Loki,” the backstabbing Loki variant known for his “Vote for Loki,” buttons, appears to be inspired by events in 2016’s Vote Loki comics storyline, where Loki makes a bid for presidency that ends in slightly less alligator-related shenanigans… Speaking of which, “Alligator Loki” does not appear to have a comics counterpart (yet), although he wouldn’t be out of place in the Pet Avengers universe, which features an animal lineup of Avengers including… yes, you guessed it… Throg!

A Chip ‘n’ Dale Fan’s Guide to Disney+

By Courtney Potter

They’re already known as delightful mischief makers, and now they’re bringing some bold, fresh, and fun adventures to Disney+ beginning in just a few days! Chip ‘n’ Dale, a pair of cheery chipmunks audiences first discovered in Disney’s 1943 animated short Private Pluto, star in Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life—a brand-new 12-episode series debuting on the streaming service next Wednesday, July 28… with new episodes premiering weekly.

In celebration of such a momentously memorable occasion, we took a spin through the current offerings on Disney+ that would please the most discerning of Chip ‘n’ Dale fans. Read on for a few of the niftiest ways to prepare for all the fun to come from the new series:

chip 'n' dale disney+

Chip an’ Dale (1947)
Whilst this is technically a Donald Duck animated short (which was nominated for an Oscar®, by the way), it relies heavily on the amazing antics of two now-familiar chipmunks… When Donald attempts to chop some firewood, he winds up choosing Chip and Dale’s log-based home—so naturally, they try everything in their power to save it (and all the acorns it holds) from being burned. Do they succeed? You’ll have to watch to find out!

chip 'n' dale disney+

Food for Feudin’ (1950)
In this animated short, the chipmunks and Pluto—a trio who obviously has a fairly long history together—battle over possession of a supply of nuts. Directed by animator Charles Nichols, whose first credit with Disney was 1940’s Pinocchio.

chip 'n' dale disney+

Corn Chips (1951)
This time ‘round, Donald Duck tries to trick Chip and Dale into shoveling snow—but the tables, as they usually do, turn: They retaliate by stealing Donald’s bowl of popcorn. Corn-related hijinks ensue.

chip 'n' dale disney+

Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952)
Sure, it’s a little early for holiday content, but that’s what makes it a special middle-of-July treat! In this ’52 short, the tree that Mickey chops down to bring home for Christmas turns out to be the home of Chip and Dale. In discovering the chipmunks’ presence and trying to get them out of the now-trimmed tree, Pluto… well, check it out on Disney+ and see!

chip 'n' dale disney+

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (1989)
This fan-favorite Disney Channel animated series follows Chip and Dale as they lead a secret international organization devoted to tackling unsolved mysteries and mysterious oddball crimes. Voices on the show include Jim Cummings and Tress MacNeille.

chip 'n' dale disney+

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Nutty Tales (2017-18)
Premiering on Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and DisneyNOW in 2017, this short-form animated series—a spin-off of Mickey and the Roadster Racers—chronicles Chip and Dale’s adventures around Hot Dog Hills. This time ‘round, voices are provided by the likes of Disney Legends Bill Farmer and Russi Taylor, as well as friend of D23 Bret Iwan.