‘it’s a small world’ fans, Don’t Miss Scentsy’s New and Nostalgic Collectible

Calling all “it’s a small world” fans—you’ll want to add this to your wish list! Just in time for the holidays, Scentsy is giving us a sneak peek at the “soon to be released” collectible Scentsy Warmer inspired by the iconic Disney attraction “it’s a small world”.

Available to fans while supplies last starting December 1, this hand-painted warmer features a whimsical design aesthetic inspired by Disney Legend, Mary Blair. The unique mixed materials including glass, four-color decals, and metal accents mimic the attraction’s iconic collage-inspired style, bringing to life a loving tribute to the classic attraction.

The warmer measures 10 inches tall and includes an interior glass shade lined with multicultural characters reminiscent of those seen in the attraction at Disney Parks around the world. Split into two sections, the graphics on the upper half are printed with translucent color shapes, and the lower half printed with opaque characters and children from “it’s a small world.” When you turn on the motor to rotate the shade, colorful shapes shine on nearby surfaces which mimics the movement of guests floating past all the colorful scenery on the attraction. It’s like having a… well, small world in your own home. An extra special detail fans will love is the warmer’s clock face—it even has an authentic “tick tock” motion! Bring a world of laughter and cheer to your holiday season with this beautiful display of all that “it’s a small world” represents: peace, harmony, and beauty.

Our suggestion? Try pairing it with Scentsy’s exclusive scented wax fragrance designed specifically for their Disney “it’s a small world” products: Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed. While you’re dreaming of your next Disney Parks trip, take in this scent featuring notes of cheerful Peruvian lime, sunny apple, and sweet fruit sugar in harmony. It’s sure to help you “set sail” on a magical journey of your own!

To create your own “world of laughter” right inside your own home, visit the Scentsy website to purchase yours today.