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From “Let It Go” to the Academy Awards: Frozen’s Kristen Anderson-Lopez Talks About Going to the Oscars


Sometimes a chilly reception can be a good thing, as Kristen Anderson-Lopez discovered when she and husband Bobby received an Academy Award® nomination for their song “Let It Go” from Disney’s animated blockbuster Frozen. As she gets ready for the big night this Sunday, March 2, Anderson-Lopez took time out of her blizzard-like schedule to chat with D23 about her favorite “Let It Go” fan video, who she’s excited to meet, and, of course, what she’ll be wearing.

D23: The Oscars® are this weekend. What is going through your mind?
Anderson-Lopez: Gratitude, gratitude, GRATITUDE! We are delighted every day to wake up and be part of this awards season. Also, foundation garments.

New fan-made “Let It Go” videos are going viral pretty much every day. How does that make you feel?
The fan-made responses are so incredible! I love the dialogue that everyone is having with this song. There is such an explosion of creativity!

Do you have a favorite video?
My favorite cover of any of the thousands out there is sung by a young rising star named Clio who was diagnosed with cancer right around the time we started writing songs for Frozen. I went to school and sang in an a cappella group with her mom, Jane Roper, who has a blog and updates with incredible grace and humor about Clio’s fight. For the last 20 months, I followed each post day by day, weeping and praying and pulling for this family as they went through some very dark times. There are so many reasons I absolutely love this video of a healthy Clio singing “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” with perfect pitch and great expression. Also, Clio has a twin sister named Elsa. Elsa may or may not have snow powers but she writes awesome fan mail!

Is there a nominee you are hoping you get to meet?
There are so many amazing artists nominated it’s hard to pick one. But the Star Wars geek in both of us wants to meet John Williams!

And of course the ever-important question, do you know who you’re going to wear?
I’ll be wearing Oscar De La Renta—as long as I stay off the carbs this week! And Bobby will be in Ralph Lauren.

The Academy Awards air Sunday, March 2 on ABC. Click here for more.