D23 First Look

Disney Infinity

Disney prides itself on its knack for transporting audiences into imaginative worlds with very specific themes and rules. Take, for instance, the tiniest details that go into every land at Disneyland or the way every Disney product is set in a a very specific time and place. And the only time these rules are broken is when children play with their own Disney toys at home. Because, at one time or another, haven’t we all at least thought about “mixing playsets” so that Woody and Buzz can visit Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones?

Well, now you can mix up Disney stories and characters not just with your toys but with the new Disney Infinity videogame, available this June, which will finally let tell your own version of a story without the aid of a cardboard box and construction paper! In your “Toy Box,” as it is called in Disney Infinity, you can create your own setting and story, and go on unforgettable adventures there. And the experience, as we shall see, goes beyond the virtual.

At an exclusive reveal event with featured speaker John Lasseter at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on January 15, 2013, D23 Members and the worldwide press got a first look at Disney’s most ambitious videogame initiative ever.

We’ve compiled all the details of this recent announcement into 10 things you need to know about Disney Infinity.

1. Figuring it Out
Now, your action figures can lead a double life, virtually. The videogame starter kit comes with one videogame, one Infinity base, and three collectible figures—yes, real plastic figures—that can be interchangeably added or removed from the Infinity base. When you place a figure on the base, it will bring that character into the game—you’ll get Sulley, Mr. Incredible, and Jack Sparrow with the starter kit. When Disney Infinity debuts in June, 17 characters will be available to purchase.

2. Think Outside the Box
For once, you get to play with your Disney collectible figures out of their boxes! There are two modes within the Disney Infinity. There is “Play Set,” which lets you play in the specific character realms that correlate with the figure you’ve placed on the Infinity base. So if you place Jack Sparrow on the base, you’ll get to go on adventures in the Caribbean. And then there is “Toy Box” mode. This mode allows you to build your own unique worlds however you want. This is where you can send Sulley to the royal ball in Cinderella’s pumpkin coach. Either one is a blast. It just depends on whether you want to be a Disney purist or mix it up a bit… or a lot!

3. Beat the System
You won’t have to segregate your friends based on their gaming systems anymore. Let’s say you’re playing the videogame at your house with your Mr. Incredible figure on your Wii-U. Your friend invites you to come over and play on his or her Xbox 360™. Since your figure has memory built into it, you can pick the figure up off your Infinity base, take it over to your friend’s house, and plug it into the Xbox 360. And everything you have done with your figure at your house playing on your Wii-U, will show up on the Xbox 360.

4. Time to Evolve
Over time, as you advance through each adventure, you will collect characters, vehicles, upgrades, gadgets, and more for your Toy Box. Also, as you add figures, you’ll be able to do new adventures for them. So once we find out what characters will be in 2015’s film The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside The Mind, Disney Interactive can create more figures for you to add to your Toy Box.

5. You Can Take it With You
As you collect characters, vehicles, upgrades, gadgets, and more, which you can save to your virtual Toy Box, at any time, you can access your personal Toy Box and use those items to create one-of-a-kind Disney adventures featuring any combination of characters, environments, and items.

6. Left to Your Own Devices
The game will be available for Nintendo Wii™ and Nintendo Wii-U, Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, PC, and an accompanying mobile experience.

7. Set the Scene
Once you’ve completed every world that comes with your figure, you can purchase additional Play Set pieces to unlock new locations and adventures—hexagonal parts that fit on the top of your Infinity base. When Disney Infinity debuts, the starter set will include three Play Set pieces for three different worlds—Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles.

8. You’ve Got the Power
When the videogame debuts in June, 20 power discs, which are placed underneath your character, will be available to enhance environments, add gadgets, and more.

9. Be a Team Player
Disney Infinity supports two-player co-op play in structured adventures and up to four players in Toy Box mode.

10. The More You Know
Disney Infinity is planning to launch new details about the videogame system over the next few months. Stay up to date with the latest with Disney.com/Infinity and YouTube.com/DisneyInfinity, join the Disney Infinity Facebook Community Facebook.com/DisneyInfinity, and follow them on Twitter Twitter.com/DisneyInfinity.