Disney Halloween supercut

Frights and Delights from Disney Films | D23 Mostly Ghostly Halloween

By the D23 Team

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween or just looking for a good scare, we’ve rounded up our favorite frightening moments from Disney films and animated shorts to put you in a perfectly spooky mood. Gather all your favorite boos and ghouls to watch this video and get in the spirit.

For more Disney Halloween fun, visit D23.com/MostlyGhostly.

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Whos More Likely iris

“Who’s More Likely?” With the Stars of ABC’s Fall 2019 Series

By Zach Johnson

Do the stars of ABC’s Fall 2019 shows know each other as well as they know themselves? We recently paired actors from Emergence, mixed-ish, Single Parents, and Stumptown for a fun little game we call “Who’s More Likely?” Watch the video below to find out who’s more likely to eat a poison apple, who’s more likely to stay past midnight at…

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Jungle Cruise skippers give tour of Haunted Mansion

Jungle Cruise Skippers Give Tour of the World-Famous… Haunted Mansion!

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Sure, the skippers of the Jungle Cruise know how to navigate through “Niles and Niles” of the jungle, but what will they do when faced with their most chilling challenge yet? Skippers Jen and Nik are here to guide us through Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion in grave detail. As originally shown at D23 Expo 2019’s “Haunted Mansion: Celebrating…

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23 Second Challenge

Most Disney Characters in 23 Seconds! Big Hero 6 The Series vs. DuckTales

By D23 Team

We challenged the casts of two iconic Disney Channel series to test their knowledge on essential information—animated Disney Characters! The casts of Big Hero 6 The Series and DuckTales were put to the clock, with each person having exactly 23 seconds to name as many animated characters as possible. Which cast has more know-it-alls? Find out now! And…

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Pete Docter and Chris Merritt

Pete and Chris Talk Marc Davis in His Own Words—Imagineering the Disney Theme Parks

By Savannah Salazar

Pixar Animation Studios Chief Creative Officer Pete Docter and Lead Concept Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering Chris Merritt present Marc Davis in His Own Words—Imagineering the Disney Theme Parks, a fantastical, rare look into never-before-seen photos and notes of Disney Legend Marc Davis. From beautiful animation to designing iconic…

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The Skeleton Dance

Skele-brate 90 Years of Silly Symphonies with The Skeleton Dance

By Savannah Salazar

Ninety years ago, the very first rib-tickling Silly Symphony cartoon, The Skeleton Dance, danced onto our screens. Directed by Walt Disney, the whimsical, macabre cartoon of four spook-tacular skeletons humerus-ly dancing and rattling along throughout the night kicked off the 10 year-long Silly Symphonies series. Join us in the 90-year…

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Mickey Mouse Sunglass Hut Jeff Shelly design

Find Out the Inspiration Behind Jeff Shelly’s New Design for Sunglass Hut

By Savannah Salazar

Ever wonder what it’s like to draw classic Disney characters for a living? Disney character art director Jeff Shelly shows us his process of bringing his mouse-terpieces to life, in his designs for Sunglass Hut. Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek!

Be the first to get the latest sunglass care kits premiering at the D23…

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