Everything New You Can Stream on Disney+ in October 2023

By Emily Hewitt

Disney+ is doing the cha-cha into October with an episode of Dancing with the Stars airing live every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. PT. The show is hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough and judged by Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Derek Hough.

Another series continuing into October is Star Wars: Ahsoka, which will release the Season 1 finale on Tuesday, October 3.

Loki Season 2, which follows Loki (Tom Hiddleston), along with new and old characters, as he navigates an ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous multiverse in search of Sylvie, Judge Renslayer, Miss Minutes, and the truth of what it means to possess free will and glorious purpose, will premiere on Thursday, October 5, at 6:00 p.m. PT with a new episode dropping every Thursday.

Meanwhile, 4EVER tells the story of four talented youngsters who undertake the challenging road toward recognition as a band in Miami’s music scene. All episodes will debut on Wednesday, October 11.

Catch the series premiere of Goosebumps, which was inspired by R.L. Stine’s worldwide bestselling books.  The series, which follows a group of five high schoolers as they embark on a shadowy and twisted journey to investigate the tragic passing of a teen three decades earlier, will premiere on Friday, October 13, with Episodes 1-5, with a new episode airing every Friday thereafter.

On Wednesday, October 25, all episodes of Primal Survivor: Extreme African Safari will be available. The show follows survival expert Hazen Audel through Africa’s Great Rift Valley on an extreme expedition to see rare and magnificent wildlife out in the open.

Close out the month on Friday, October 27, with LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red. After an argument between Black Widow and her father, Red Guardian, he disappears, and The Avengers assemble to investigate and save New York City in this special.

All the titles coming to Disney+ in October are listed below:

Sunday, October 1
Toy Story Funday Football (Live Streaming at 9:30 a.m. ET)

Monday, October 2
Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats

Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) wears a light gray cloak and stares at a robot with a maroon head and gray body.

Tuesday, October 3
Dancing with the Stars (Season 32, Episode 2, Live 5:00 p.m. PT)
Star Wars: Ahsoka (Episode 8, Finale)

Wednesday, October 4
Haunted Mansion
Hailey’s On It! (Season 1, 5 Episodes)
Kiff (Season 1, 1 Episode)
SuperKitties (Season 1, 3 Episodes)
The Villains of Valley View (Season 2, 4 Episodes)

Thursday, October 5
Loki (Season 2 Premiere, Available at 6:00 p.m. PT)

Friday, October 6
Bobi Wine: The People’s President
Camping Out
Chips Ahoy
Fiddling Around
Inferior Decorator
Old MacDonald Duck
When the Cat’s Away
Wyken, Blyken and Nod

Tuesday, October 10
Dancing with the Stars (Season 32, Episode 3, Live 5:00 p.m. PT)

Wednesday, October 11
Alice’s Wonderland Bakery (Season 2, 7 Episodes)
Broken Karaoke (Shorts) (Season 2, 3 Episodes)
The Simpsons (Season 34, 22 Episodes)
Heartland Docs, Dvm (Season 5, 12 Episodes)
4EVER (Premiere, All Episodes Streaming)

Thursday, October 12
Loki (Season 2, Episode 2, Available at 6:00pm PT)

The five kids from the show Goosebumps sit on a yellow couch with a wooden frame while looking up at someone holding a book in their hands with their black eyes. From left to right, Isaiah played by Zack Morris is wearing a gray coat and brown pants, Isabella played by Ana Yi Puig is wearing a brown coat and blue jeans, James played by Miles McKenna is wearing a green puffer coat and ripped black jeans, Edward played by Will Price is wearing a brown jacket and black jeans, Margot played by Isa Briones is wearing a green jacket with a gray hoodie and black jeans.

Friday, October 13
Goosebumps (Premiere, Episodes 1-5 Streaming)

Tuesday, October 17
Dancing with the Stars (Season 32, Episode 4, Live 5:00 p.m. PT)

Wednesday, October 18
PJ Masks: Power Heroes Music Videos (Shorts) (Season 1, 10 Episodes)

Thursday, October 19
Loki (Season 2, Episode 3, Available at 6:00 p.m. PT)

Friday, October 20
Werewolf by Night in Color
Goosebumps (Episode 6)

Tuesday, October 24
Dancing with the Stars (Season 32, Episode 5, Live 5:00 p.m. PT)

Wednesday, October 25
Big City Greens (Season 4, 5 Episodes)
Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge (Season 2, 8 Episodes)
Theme Song Takeover (Shorts) (Season 3, 7 Episodes)
Primal Survivor: Extreme African Safari (All Episodes Streaming)

Thursday, October 26
Loki (Season 2, Episode 4, Available at 6:00 p.m. PT)

Friday, October 27
Explorer: Lake of Fire (Special)
LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red (Premiere)
Goosebumps (Episode 7)

Tuesday, October 31
Dancing with the Stars (Season 32, Episode 6, Live 5:00 p.m. PT)

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Weekend Presented by State Farm®

By Courtney Potter

While there isn’t exactly a theme to this weekend’s cavalcade of imminently watchable content from around the worlds of Disney, there do happen to be two—count ’em, two—music festivals to delight the senses… one coming to you live from Las Vegas, and the other from Central Park in that grand dame of a metropolis, New York City. Amongst all the incredible tunes (and, in the case of the Global Citizen Festival, fighting the good fight against extreme poverty worldwide), do make note of these other episodes and specials as well…

In an image from Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) are sitting at a table talking with someone who’s just offscreen to the right. There is a chess set sitting on the table. Nick is wearing a burgundy turtleneck sweater and a beanie. Maria is wearing a dark blue V-neck shirt, and is holding a mug in one hand.

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Secret Invasion—now streaming on Disney+
Time to go behind-the-scenes on another of Marvel Studios’ incredible series… Through in-depth interviews with cast and crew and exclusive footage, Assembled uncovers how Marvel’s Secret Invasion was born. Viewers will see just what it took to conjure the world of the show, and spend time with series star Samuel L. Jackson as he dons the patch once again to engage in the most baffling battle of Nick Fury’s career.

An image of singer Kelly Clarkson on stage. She’s wearing a silver sequin dress with a black belt, and is holding a microphone up to her mouth. The ambient lighting around her is shades of red.

iHeartRadio Music Festival—Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23, at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET on Hulu
For the first time, Hulu will serve as the official streaming destination of the iHeartRadio Music Festival—the annual concert event taking place on Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23, at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. This year, the totally epic two-day lineup will feature performances by (at press time) Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Kelly Clarkson, Kane Brown, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, Lenny Kravitz, Miguel, Public Enemy, Sheryl Crow, Travis Scott, Tim McGraw, TLC, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and more. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the iHeartRadio Music Festival will once again include one-of-a-kind collaborations and other surprises!

In an image from Disney Branded Television’s Pupstruction, Luna (voiced by Mica Zeltzer), Phinny (voiced by Yonas Kibreab), Tank (voiced by Carson Minniear), and Roxy (voiced by Scarlett Kate Ferguson)—all dogs—are each wearing a hardhat and looking at a clipboard in Phinny’s hands.

 Pupstruction—Friday, September 22, at 8 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel and 11:40 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Junior
The episode’s two stories include: “Amusement Park-ing,” in which Pupstruction builds a parking lot for Petsburg Pier’s Canine Coaster; and “The Dino-Dog Dig,” where the team unearths a dinosaur skeleton and displays it for the citizens of Petsburg. (Honestly, if you can’t appreciate a group of adorable dogs working together to build amazing things for their fellow townspeople, there’s not much we can do for you…)

In a promotional image for the 2023 Global Citizen Festival, the popular K-pop group Stray Kids is seen, posed in a living room-like set. Several of the members are sitting on a couch, with a stuffed lion lying across their laps. The rest of the members are standing behind the couch. All are wearing colorful clothing. There is a coffee table in front of the couch, with several cups and a thermos, and a vase of flowers. 

2023 Global Citizen Festival—Sunday, September 24, at 4pm PT on ABC
Taking place on the Great Lawn at New York City’s historic Central Park, the 2023 Global Citizen Festival will include (at press time) performances by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Megan Thee Stallion, Conan Gray, Sofia Carson, Stray Kids, and DJ D-Nice; and appearances from Bill Nye, Bridget Moynahan, Carmelo Anthony, Common, Danai Gurira, Gayle King, Jordan Fisher, Padma Lakshmi, Rachel Brosnahan, and more… all in support of urging governments to take action and address the systemic issues perpetuating extreme poverty. Not only can you watch highlights from the festival on ABC on Sunday, September 24, but it’s also streaming live on YouTube (and several other platforms) the day before.

In a promotional image for Disney Branded Television’s The Villains of Valley View, Havoc/Amy (Isabella Pappas), Eva/Surge (Lucy Davis), Vic/Kraniac (James Patrick Stuart), Colby/Flashform (Malachi Barton), and Jake/Chaos (Reed Horstmann) are seen in their various villainous outfits; and Hartley (Kayden Muller-Janssen) is wearing pink overalls. They’re all standing or sitting amongst furniture that’s at unnatural angles—some of which look like they’re embedded into the floor.

The Villains of Valley View—Sunday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel
Time to catch back up with everyone’s favorite suburbanite villains! In an episode titled “The Promposal,” Amy (Isabella Pappas) agrees to go to prom with Milo (Isaiah C. Morgan) as friends, but finds out she isn’t his first choice. Meanwhile, Colby (Malachi Barton) and Eva (Lucy Davis) train Vic (James Patrick Stuart) to perfect his power.

Big City Greens Q&A: The Houghton Brothers Talk Season 4

By Courtney Potter

“1, 2, 1-2-3-4!” Yes, in just a few days’ time, the Green family is back for Season 4 of Disney Branded Television’s hit animated comedy-adventure series Big City Greens! For the uninitiated, the series follows the offbeat adventures of 10-year-old Cricket Green (voiced by co-creator/executive producer Chris Houghton), a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the big city with his wildly (but hilariously!) out-of-place family: older sister Tilly (voiced by Marieve Herington), father Bill (voiced by Bob Joles), and Gramma Alice (voiced by Artemis Pebdani). Cricket’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm lead him and his family on totally epic journeys—as well as into the hearts of his new neighbors.

This time ‘round, the clan establishes a new normal with Cricket and Tilly’s mom Nancy (voiced by Wendi McLendon-Covey) staying on the country farm while the rest of the Greens goes back and forth between Big City and Smalton.

Recently, D23 was lucky enough to chat with Chris Houghton and his brother, and fellow co-creator/executive producer, Shane Houghton, about the making of Season 4… what excites them about the family’s latest adventures; cool guest voice stars to expect; and so much more:

The conversation below has been edited and condensed for clarity.

D23: There’s a “new normal” now, with Nancy staying on the farm while the rest of the family commutes back and forth—what about that makes for a compelling storyline in Season 4?
Shane Houghton (SH): The world of Big City Greens got a lot bigger in Season 3. Because they’re now straddling between these two worlds, the city and the country, it’s really opened up the storytelling possibilities for us. We have a whole cast of characters now in the country that we got to meet a little bit in Season 3 but didn’t really get any deep dives with because it was so focused on the Greens. So in Season 4, we get to see a lot more of the country neighbors and folks in Smalton. Meanwhile, back in the city, there’s plenty of new characters and new locations that the Greens are also going to be exploring—there’s a long-lost Green family member who comes back into the fold in Season 4; Gloria [voiced by Anna Akana] hires a new employee at the café, so it’s no longer just Cricket and Gramma working there. We’re shaking things up while still [sticking] with the Greens. We still have all the same cast of characters we know and love—but we’re introducing some newer elements, new locations, new conflicts, and trying to build out the world even larger.

In an image from the first episode of Season 4 of Disney Branded Television’s Big City Greens, Cricket (voiced by Chris Houghton) and Tilly (voiced by Marieve Herington) stand in front of Truck-ee’s, a gas station food mart. They’re both wide-eyed with excitement.

D23: Can you speak a bit about some of the amazing guest voice stars you’ll be featuring on the show this season?
Chris Houghton (CH): Well, I had the pleasure of directing Brad Marchand, the Boston Bruins player, who joined for a hockey-related episode. We needed someone who was willing to come in and have some fun—and Brad said yes! Now, I like hockey, but I’m not, like, the hockey expert. So I looked Brad up after the fact—because our producer is a big fan, and he was like, “You want Brad Marchand.” I said, “Absolutely!” But when I looked him up, I found out he was known for fighting… he’s called “The Rat”! I’ve never been more thrilled to direct someone over Zoom! All kidding aside, Brad was an absolute delight. He was so down to have fun, and we just had a blast. I think it goes for all of our guest stars; we’re just so thrilled when someone understands what we’re trying to do on the show, which is just to have fun and make funny stuff. Anyone who wants to come and play in that arena and isn’t afraid to make themselves look silly, it just makes for better cartoons.
SH: I can speak to Michael Bolton, who is in the first episode of Season 4. We needed somebody to play a [commercial] jingle writer—and we wanted somebody who could sing, but we needed somebody who was also funny. Michael Bolton stood out to us, because he’s done a couple of comedy bits, like on Saturday Night Livewith The Lonely Island guys. So we reached out to him, hoping he would do it—and he was interested! But then he came back to us with some thoughts, and we got really excited; this doesn’t usually happen. We thought, wow—what does Michael Bolton think of this? What does he want to do? He had thoughts on the character, design, the story, and specific jokes—and to his credit, all of them were great ideas. We were like, “We love this. This is fantastic!”

And it kind of happened late in the pipeline, but the crew pulled it together. We implemented all the notes, and the episode is funnier and better because of it! And then Michael comes into record, and he is just so funny. And he had a great time. It was one of the best voice-actor interactions I’ve ever had, directing Michael Bolton.

D23: That’s amazing! On a similar token, what’s the dynamic now between the “core” family group of voice actors—you, Chris, as well as Marieve, Bob, and Artemis—after all these seasons?
CH: Oh my gosh, it’s delightful! Even though the core cast is not always together, whenever we do have the opportunity to get together, it’s so much fun. We are all pretty similar to our characters, in a very strange way. I’m a little wily and Cricket-like. Marieve, the voice of Tilly, is just so sweet—she’s a delight. Bob Joles really does have this fatherly-like energy to him. And Artemis, Gramma, is a spitfire; she’s so fun to be around.

The core cast of the Greens—including Remy, who’s played by Zeno Robinson—we all traveled to New York Comic Con together, and it really does kind of feel like a family reunion. We’ve all been working together for so many years, at this point, that we can lovingly poke and annoy each other like family members and have a grand old time.

In an image from Season 4 of Disney Branded Television’s Big City Greens, Tilly (voiced by Marieve Herington) and Cricket (voiced by Chris Houghton) are inside an office; Tilly is playing a keytar, standing on top of a desk, while Cricket has his leg up on the desk and is smirking. He’s also holding a peanut.

D23: This show started out based on your childhood… does it continue to be a special experience, in that way?
SH: This show is incredibly personal to us, yeah. A lot of the core concepts came from us and our family members and our neighbors and our life experience. That’s where it started. And now it’s blossomed into this enormous thing that so many hundreds of people have creatively contributed ideas and personal experiences to. While Chris and I are kind of like the “tastemakers”—we get to decide what goes in the show and what doesn’t—the personal aspects are no longer just us. It is this entire collective experience that goes into making the show.

D23: All told, what do you hope audiences take away from this season of Big City Greens?
CH: We’re always aiming, first and foremost for “Fun, funny, and more fun.” Beyond that, we’ve always said that if there’s a recipe for the show, it’s two parts comedy, one part heart—and I think the episodes that really resonate with audience members are the episodes that have that heart, or that little nugget of truth to them. However, it needs to be wrapped in a thick layer of comedy and a thick layer of fun. So that’s what we’re always focusing on.

We always love hearing from audience members. We kind of try our best to predict what will really resonate—but once the show goes out, it has a life of its own, and certain episodes hit people at a certain time in their lives. sometimes those particular episodes have such a profound impact on those people. It’s something we could have never predicted, and it’s always so cool to hear about. We hope that Season 4 continues to do that, as seasons have in the past—and we can’t wait to hear what audiences think of it!

Celebrate Your Fandom During The Wonder of Marvel

This month, as part of the Disney100 celebration, power up for The Wonder of Marvel! Assemble and celebrate your favorite Marvel stories and characters... Whether you are watching your favorite Marvel film, reading your favorite comic, or cosplaying your favorite character, there are so many ways to join in the fun!

A collage of five images, including a LEGO set of Captain America’s shield, a LEGO set of the Avenger’s Quinjet, a selection of Marvel-themed sunglasses, an Avenger’s backpack, and an Iron Man action figure.

Avengers 60th Anniversary
This year is special since it’s a celebration within a celebration, with the 60th Anniversary of the Avengers! Commemorate the occasion by showing off your inner hero: Want stylish shades like Tony Stark? Check out the Marvel x DIFF Beyond Earth’s Mightiest, Avengers 60th Anniversary eyewear collection. More interested in collectibles? The Marvel Legends Series Iron Man (Model 01) is an Avengers 60th Anniversary action figure detailed to look like the Iron Man character from Marvel's Tales of Suspense comics. If you’re a hero on the go, the Avengers Sling Bag by Heroes & Villains is ideal to carry your Super Hero gear. You can even build your Super Hero adventure with the LEGO Captain America’s Shield and LEGO The Avengers Quinjet.

A collage of three images: A t-shirt pattered with images of The Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man; action figures of Iron Stomper and Iron Man; and the Marvel Stunt Squad playset.

Super Hero Fun for Kids
Super Heroes AND dinosaurs? Yes, please! This Iron Man with Iron Stomper Mechasaur allows kids to play as their favorite iconic Marvel Super Hero with a pre-historic power boost to defeat enemies. If you are ready to SMASH like the Incredible Hulk, look no further than the Marvel Stunt Squad Captain America vs. Thanos Tower Smash Playset. For super style, the Marvel All-Over Graphic T-Shirt for Kids features Marvel heroes in a comic book design.

An advertisement for a variety of Spider-Man products against a red-tinted cityscape. The ad includes a poster of Venom fighting Spider-Man, the Spider-Man 2 PS5 game, a statue of Venom fighting Spider-Man and Miles Morales, and a sidebar featuring additional unlockables from the game.

 Swing Across Marvel’s New York with Peter Parker and Miles Morales
On October 20, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the highly anticipated next chapter in Marvel’s Spider-Man story, arrives exclusively on PS5. If you’re looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, check out the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition. It includes the full game, early-unlock suits and gadgets, skill points, and much more—topped off with an impressive 19-inch Collector’s Edition statue featuring our two Spider-Heroes, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, locked in battle versus the intimidating villain Venom. Want more? Watch the Story Trailer.

Ready for some heroic fun?! Visit the Times Square Disney Store on Friday, October 6, and Saturday, October 7, for Marvel’s Avengers: Beyond Earth’s Mightiest Celebration! There’ll be Avengers-themed activities, photo ops, and some special surprises and giveaways.

For more Marvel product collections visit:

Watchlist: Celebrating Hispanic & Latin American Cultures

This Hispanic & Latin American Heritage Month—and really, all year long—we’re honoring the unity of the voices, communities, heritage, and traditions woven throughout Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries across the globe.

To commemorate the occasion this year, we’ve compiled a watch guide of incredible content from across the worlds of Disney. From brand-new specials from ABC and ABC News, to curated films and episodes from Disney+, National Geographic, and more—you won’t want to miss a moment!

In an image from ABC News’ “The Latin Music Revolution: A Soul of a Nation Presentation,” Colombian artist Karol G is speaking to a reporter, whose back is facing the camera. She’s wearing an army-green sequin sleeveless dress and has long light-pink hair.

ABC and ABC News

In honor of Hispanic & Latin American Heritage Month, ABC and ABC News will have lots of dedicated coverage across its many programs and platforms…

ABC will air Our America: Unforgettable, an hour-long special in partnership with the ABC News Medical unit, uncovering the alarming data of Alzheimer’s disease—the sixth most common cause of death in the United States—through a Hispanic/Latino lens.

Also look for a new primetime special from the Emmy® Award-winning ABC News Studios series Soul of a Nation. The new one-hour event― “The Latin Music Revolution: A Soul of a Nation Presentation”―will explore the massive popularity of global Latin music and the young stars who are taking the industry by storm with chart-topping songs and record-breaking sales. “The Latin Music Revolution” will examine the roots and evolution of Latin pop music; the stars who are seeing mainstream success, breaking barriers, and creating a space for themselves and their music, including the difficulties of breaking through in the early decades, featuring interviews with Colombian artist Karol G, whose new album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this year, making it the first Spanish-language album by a woman to do so; reggaeton and Latin trap artist Nicky Jam; Afro-Colombian singer and rapper Goyo; Mexican Latin pop group RBD; Dominican American Afro-Latina singer Amara “La Negra”; legendary singer Linda Ronstadt; and singer/percussionist Sheila E. and her father Pete Escovedo.

Viewers can tune into Good Morning AmericaWorld News Tonight with David MuirNightlineGMA3: What You Need to KnowThe ViewABC News LiveABC News Digital, and ABC News Audio all month long for stories highlighting Hispanic and Latin cultures.


There’s so much to stream on Disney+ for Hispanic Latin Heritage Month—where to begin? You’ve positively got to be watching Ahsoka… and if you aren’t, there’s no time like the present to start! Starring Rosario Dawson as the former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, the series follows along as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy. New episodes drop weekly through October 3.

On a similar Lucasfilm tip: If you haven’t already, take a gander at Andor, starring Diego Luna; in an era filled with danger, deception, and intrigue, Cassian Andor (Luna) will discover the difference he can make in the struggle against the tyrannical Galactic Empire. It’s probably not so much a spoiler to say that this sets him on a path that’s destined to make him a Rebel hero…

In an image from the Launchpad episode “Beautiful, FL,” a young girl is peering over the side of her bunk bed at something off camera. Her hair is pulled up in a bun, and her head is resting on her folded arms. There are curtains that surround the entrance to the bed, and a door can be seen to the right.

Season 2 of Launchpad, a collection of live-action shorts from a new generation of dynamic filmmakers, premieres on the streaming service on September 29. In the short film “Beautiful, FL,” directed by Gabriela Ortega and written by Joel Perez and Adrian Ferbeyre, an ice cream competition inspires a teen girl to use a flavor inspired by her late Tia Abuela’s Puerto Rican treats—as well as the help of her trailer park neighbors—to figure out the winning recipe. (Read more about Launchpad here!)

A fan of animation? Don’t miss the Pixar SparkShort Nona, directed by Louis Gonzales. A grandmother plans to spend her day watching her very favorite TV show—E.W.W. Smashdown Wrestling—until her precocious 5-year-old granddaughter Renee is unexpectedly dropped off. Now, Nona is caught between her two favorite things. Oh, and once you’ve watched the short, check out A Spark Story, an exclusive documentary film about the making of Nona (and another amazing SparkShort, Twenty Something) featuring interviews with Gonzales and a look at his filmmaking process.

In an image from Disney’s Elena of Avalor, Francisco (voiced by Emiliano Díez), left, and Elena (voiced by Aimee Carrero), right, are both playing guitars and singing. Francisco is in a blue uniform jacket with gold brocade, and Elena is wearing her signature red dress.

For kids in your life, find all episodes of Disney’s Emmy® and Imagen Award-winning Elena of Avalor on the streaming service. Elena (voiced by Aimee Carrero) is a brave and adventurous teenager who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress—and must now learn to rule as crown princess until she’s old enough to be queen. In the meantime, she is advised by a Grand Council, comprised of her Grandfather Francisco (voiced by Emiliano Díez), Grandmother Luisa (voiced by Julia Vera), and Royal Advisor Duke Esteban (voiced by Christian Lanz). With her sister Princess Isabel (Jenna Ortega) and some magical friends by her side, Elena learns that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience, and compassion—the traits of a truly great leader.

Elsewhere on Disney+, have a look at Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight and Eternals; Original series National Treasure: Edge of History; the Walt Disney Animated Studios Oscar®-winning hit Encanto and its related special Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl; and so much more.

Discover further incredible programming in the Hispanic & Latin American Stories collection on Disney+.

Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD

All month long, the good folks across the networks of Disney Branded Television will air culturally relevant episodes of various animated series—including Hamster & Gretel, Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurThe Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, and Hailey’s On It!

Additionally, Disney Junior will premiere two sure-to-be-enthralling Día de los Muertos episodes: In the special episode of Mickey Mouse Funhouse (airing Friday, October 6 at 10 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel and 12:05 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Junior), Donald’s (voiced by Tony Anselmo) old pal Panchito invites the gang to celebrate Día de los Muertos in Mexico City. Daisy (voiced by Debra Wilson) is worried she may miss her beloved gran-duck who has passed away—but discovers the joy of remembering loved ones. Meanwhile, in an episode of Me & Mickey airing later in October, Mickey Mouse (voiced by Bret Iwan) shares his favorite parts of the Día de los Muertos celebration: sugar skulls, pan de muerto, and an ofrenda for his hamster who passed away.


Explore sensational stories on the streamer through ESPN+Más, which aims to elevate Hispanic athletes, fans, and communities through a celebration of sport and culture.

In an image from Disney and Pixar’s Coco, Ernesto de la Cruz (voiced by Benjamin Bratt), left, is showing Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez), right, a skyline full of fireworks through the window of a building. Ernesto is holding an alebrijes in his hand.


Over on Freeform, look for the Disney and Pixar hit Coco! If you need a refresher: Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, 12-year-old Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (voiced by Benjamin Bratt). Desperate to prove his talent, and following a mysterious chain of events, Miguel finds himself in the stunning colorful Land of the Dead. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector (voiced by Gael García Bernal)—and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

Additionally, the network will offer up the fan-favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film The Emperor’s New Groove… In a mythical mountain kingdom, arrogant young Emperor Kuzco (voiced by David Spade) is transformed into a llama by his power-hungry adviser, the devious diva Yzma (voiced by Eartha Kitt). Stranded in the jungle, Kuzco’s only chance to get back home and reclaim what’s his rests with a good-hearted peasant named Pacha (voiced by Disney Legend John Goodman). Kuzco’s “perfect world” becomes a perfect mess as this most unlikely of duos deals with hair-raising dangers, wild comic predicaments, and—most horrifying of all— each other… all as they race to return Kuzco to the throne before Yzma, aided by her muscle-bound manservant Kronk (voiced by Patrick Warburton), tracks them down. Ultimately, Kuzco’s budding friendship with Pacha teaches this royal pain to see his world in a different way.

In an image from Hulu’s Flamin’ Hot, Richard Montañez (Jesse Garcia) is standing in front of a large shelving unit full of different Frito Lay chip bags, including Doritos and Funyuns. He’s wearing a blue Frito Lay uniform shirt, that has a nametag patch sewn onto one side of the chest, and a dolly rests on the ground next to him. He has a handlebar mustache.


Among the more recent offerings on Hulu that highlight Hispanic and Latin cultures are Miguel Wants to Fight. Despite living in a neighborhood where fighting is stitched into the fabric of everyday life, high school junior Miguel (Tyler Dean Flores) has never found himself in one. And, to be honest, he’s perfectly fine with that… But when a combination of events turns his life upside down, Miguel and his three best friends—the stoic David (Christian Vunipola), the rowdy Cass (Imani Lewis), and the quick-tongued Srini (Suraj Partha)—enter into a series of hilarious misadventures as he tries to get into his first-ever fight. This new Hulu Original Film is directed by Oz Rodriguez and written by Jason Conception and Shea Serrano.

Plus, check out the Searchlight Pictures and Hulu Original Film Flamin’ Hot, directed by Eva Longoria.  It’s the inspiring story of Richard Montañez (Jesse Garcia), the Frito Lay janitor who channeled his Mexican American heritage and upbringing to turn the iconic Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into a snack that disrupted the food industry and became a global pop culture phenomenon. The film also stars Annie Gonzalez, Dennis Haysbert, Emilio Rivera, Tony Shalhoub, Matt Walsh, Pepe Serna, Bobby Soto, Jimmy Gonzales, Brice Gonzalez, Vanessa Martinez, Fabian Alomar, Mario Ponce, and Hunter Jones.

In an image from Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building, clockwise from top, Charles-Haden Savage (Disney Legend Steve Martin), Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) are staring into a room from a doorway. They all have surprised expressions on their faces.

Don’t forget new episodes of Only Murders in the Building, Season 3—starring Selena Gomez—are airing now through October 3. This season, our favorite podcasting sleuths (Gomez, Martin Short, and Disney Legend Steve Martin) are investigating a death behind the scenes of a Broadway show… Hollywood action hero Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd) is the show’s big star, making his Broadway debut—which is cut tragically short by his rather untimely demise. Aided by co-star Loretta Durkin (Meryl Streep), the trio embarks on their toughest case yet.

And don’t miss the second season of This Fool, which is inspired by star and co-creator Chris Estrada’s experience growing up in South Central LA. After Julio’s job at “Hugs Not Thugs” blew up at the end of last season, this season, new roommates Julio (Estrada) and Luis (Frankie Quiñones) embark on starting “Mugs Not Thugs” with the help of Minister Payne (Michael Imperioli), Chef Percy (Jamar Neighbors), and other former Huggers. (Recommended for mature audiences.)

Discover even more content in the Hispanic & Latin American Stories collection on Hulu.

National Geographic

If incredible environments and astonishing archeology from Hispanic and Latin countries are more your speed, look no further than National Geographic; they’ll be debuting a compilation of Wild Chile—exploring the wildlife found in the furthest corners of the Chilean deserts and hidden forests—on September 15 on Nat Geo WILD, followed by encores of Latin America from Above. Pre-contemporary history encores of Lost Treasures of the MayaLost City of Machu Picchu, and Skeletons of the Inca Rebellion will be featured on National Geographic on September 21. Also look for Ancient Worlds Revealed with Albert Lin, Skeletons of the Inca Rebellion, and Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted.

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Weekend Presented by State Farm®

By Courtney Potter

Looking for a cavalcade of animated delights, behind-the-scenes fun, and even some animal hijinks for your weekend viewing, as we head squarely into the middle of September? Look no further than Disney+, which has you covered from all angles with several fantastic debuts. We’re especially excited for another look (or three) at Disney and Pixar’s Elemental… (Pro tip: If you’re seeing it for the first time, you might want to check out our breakdown of who’s who in the film before you visit Element City.)

In an image from Disney and Pixar’s Elemental, Wade (voiced by Mamoudou Athie), left, and Ember (voiced by Leah Lewis), right, are standing facing each other and about to touch hands, looking into each other’s eyes. The background is sparkly and purple.

Elemental—now streaming on Disney+
Yes, Disney and Pixar’s latest has official arrived on the streaming service! Welcome to Element City, where Fire-, Water-, Earth-, and Air-residents live together. Ember (voiced by Leah Lewis), a tough, quick-witted, and fiery young woman, begins a friendship with a fun, sappy, go-with-the-flow guy named Wade (voiced by Mamoudou Athie)—and it winds up challenging their every belief about the world they live in. Directed by Peter Sohn, the film also features the voices of Ronnie del Carmen, Shila Ommi, Wendy McClendon-Covey, Catherine O’Hara, Mason Wertheimer, and Joe Pera.

In a behind-the-scenes image from the making of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, director James Gunn (center), with white hair and wearing a blue mask, holds a camera as he’s filming Karen Gillam as Nebula (left) and Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord (right) on the set of the Guardians’ ship. Another crew person stands partially hidden behind Gunn and Gillam.

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3—now streaming on Disney+
Interested to learn just what it took to bring all the heartfelt shenanigans of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to the big screen? Join director James Gunn and the film’s stars, including Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldaña, as they recount how it was conceived, shaped, and ultimately delivered to the world. Viewers will stand alongside the cast and crew in the poignant final moments of the shoot as they bid farewell to each other and close this chapter in the saga of Peter Quill and his delightful band of misfit-warriors.

In an image from Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory, the explorer is seen in Patagonia, with beautiful hills and snow-capped mountains rising behind him. There is also a river winding behind him, at the foot of the mountains. He is smiling at the camera, and is wearing a blue puffy jacket, dark blue pants, and a fur lined hat; he’s holding binoculars and is wearing a backpack.

Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory—now streaming on Disney+
Bertie Gregory is back—and this time, the adventures are even more epic! In this series, he’ll be taking viewers to the most spectacular corners of our planet… from Antarctica to Africa and South America to Asia, tracking down extraordinary animals to capture their daily lives like never before. Armed with drones, state-of-the-art cameras, and underwater tech, Gregory and his team brave sub-freezing seas, climb snow-capped mountains, and sleep suspended 120 feet in the air to reveal the challenges these animals endure, their fierce rivalries, and the threats they face on our changing planet. The series shows all the behind-the-scenes moments he and his team face while adapting to unpredictable wildlife in remote environments, where filming rarely goes as planned.

In the key art for Disney+’s Lang Lang Plays Disney, the pianist is seen with his arms raised up, with Tinker Bell flying around his left hand. He’s wearing a light blue suit jacket and a black button-up shirt. Beneath his image is a small silhouette of him at a grand piano, surrounded by some Disney-related imagery like a carriage and a magical bridge. To the right of this combined image is the logo for the special, with the phrase “Welcome to a world of wonder,” and the special’s air date.

Lang Lang Plays Disney—Friday, September 15, on Disney+
Documenting an exclusive one-night-only concert at Royal Albert Hall, Lang Lang Plays Disney is an incredible musical and visual treat that showcases unique arrangements of Disney’s most popular songs—and gives insight into the life of world-renowned pianist Lang Lang. Through performance and documentary segments, the film opens an intimate window into his extraordinary musical journey as he speaks to his love for Disney dating back to his childhood in China. Joined by London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Lang Lang invites audiences to savor Disney classics such as “Let It Go,” “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “You’ll Be in My Heart” featuring British recording artist Alfie Boe, “When You Wish Upon a Star” with performer Gina Alice Redlinger, and more.

In a behind-the-scenes image from Lucasfilm’s Ahsoka, Disney Legend Jon Favreau (left) is seen—wearing a hoodie, jeans, a baseball cap, and a mask—standing next to Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka, who is seated. They’re on one of the sets for the series. Dawson is looking up at Favreau and smiling; he’s holding a bright green folder.

 Master & Apprentice: A Special Look at Ahsoka—Friday, September 15, on Disney+
You have been watching Ahsoka, yes? You did watch that episode that essentially broke the Star Wars-related Internet, correct? If not, what are you waiting for?! If you’d like a very cool inside look at the making of this amazing Lucasfilm series, do check out this brand-new featurette premiering on the streaming service this weekend. And naturally, don’t forget to tune into the next new episode of the series, premiere this coming Wednesday, September 20.

Disney Partners with Ghetto Film School to Create Short Film in Celebration of Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, Disney Entertainment Television (DET) has commissioned four alumni from the award-winning nonprofit Ghetto Film School to create a short film in honor of their Hispanic and Latin American culture. Titled Yo Recuerdo/I Remember, the project weaves together four personal vignettes into a premium short film that reimagines core memories and connects them to their heritage.

Yo Recuerdo/I Remember will begin streaming exclusively on Hulu today and will also be shared across DET’s extensive portfolio of digital platforms including ABC, ABC News, FX, Freeform, Hulu, National Geographic, Onyx Collective, and ABC Owned TV Stations between Saturday, September 15, and Sunday, October 15.

Building on a multiyear collaboration between Disney and Ghetto Film School, the initiative connected young alumni filmmakers Alyse Arteaga, 21, Kian Cloma, 24, Alejandro Ayala, 22, and Tommy Espinal, 22, with a full array of production resources that included video equipment, graphic designers, and access to editing bays. To help them execute their cinematic visions, the filmmakers were also paired with mentors from across DET who specialize in their desired career tracks.

This collaboration with Ghetto Film School is part of DET and The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to empowering the next generation of storytellers and innovators. Through educational programs, scholarships, mentoring, and technical skill-building, Disney is increasing access to careers in the media, entertainment, technology, and travel and leisure industries for teens and young adults from historically underrepresented communities.

These Stars are Waltzing onto Dancing with the Stars Season 32

By Emily Hewitt

The race, or rather the dance, to the Mirrorball trophy will commence on Tuesday, September 26 at 8:00 p.m. ET live on ABC and Disney+. (Episodes will be available on Hulu the next day.) And now we know just which celebrities will be shimmying and gliding across the ballroom, as the competitors for Dancing with the Star Season 32 have just been announced, along with their professional dancer partners. Here’s the complete list, in alphabetical order:

Jenna Johnson, who is wearing a silver rhinestone backless dress with fringe at the bottom, is standing with Tyson Beckford, who is wearing a silver long sleeve, button-down shirt with dark gray slacks. Johnson has her arm around Beckford’s back with her right leg up by his side which he is holding with his hand as they smile to the camera.  

Tyson Beckford, with Jenna Johnson
Supermodel Tyson Beckford, who was named the greatest male model of all time by Vogue, graced Ralph Lauren’s Polo and Polo Sport lines, and has been the face of Pirelli, an ambassador for Ducati, and spokesman for Mercedes-Benz during Fashion Week is trading the runway for the dance floor this fall.

Xochitl Gomez is wearing a silver rhinestone jumpsuit with one foot popped in the air and her hands on Val Chmerkovskiy’s shoulder. Val has his hands in front of him and is wearing a sparkly silver blazer with black pants as they both look forward.  

Xochitl Gomez, with Val Chmerkovskiy
Marvel Studios star Xochitl Gomez is known for her role as America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which she will continue during the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Alyson Hannigan is wearing a silver fringe dress while smiling with one hand around Sasha Farber’s back and the other in front of her holding Farber’s hand in front of them. Farber is wearing a silver blazer which is open in front and silver pants.  

Alyson Hannigan, with Sasha Farber
TV and film star Alyson Hannigan is best known for her roles in 20th Television series How I Met Your Mother and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has also had roles in Veronica Mars, the 2019 Disney Channel Original Movie Kim Possible, the Disney+ film Flora & Ulysses, and Disney Junior’s animated series Fancy Nancy.

Harry Jowsey is wearing a sparkly silver jacket with a black shirt and black slacks with one hand in his pocket and the other around Rylee Arnold. Rylee is wearing a gold fringe dress and has one hand against Jowsey’s stomach and the other around his back.

Harry Jowsey, with Rylee Arnold
Social media and reality TV star Harry Jowsey boasts some 10 million fans across social platforms. After hosting the podcast Tap In, he launched an interactive show on Spotify®, Dating Harry Jowsey, where he answers fans’ questions about dating, relationships, and everything in between. He also launched The Ritual, a freshly formulated, plant-based, and cruelty-free candle line.

Charity Lawson is wearing a silver rhinestone dress with fringe draping down from the sleeves as she bends her knees and has both hands on her hips. Artem Chigvintsev has on a blue and purple blazer with a black shirt and black slacks and has one hand on Lawson’s waist.

Charity Lawson, with Artem Chigvintsev
The Bachelorette star Charity Lawson, a child and family therapist, found true love with her fiancé, Dotun Olubeko, in Fiji and now she’s finding her love for dance “live from Hollywood.”

Ariana Madix has a silver dress on with a sheer bodice and fringe that goes down to her ankles. Pasha Pashkova has one hand around Ariana’s waist while he wears a silver blazer, black shirt, and black slacks.

Ariana Madix, with Pasha Pashkov
A reality TV star with bartending talents, Ariana Madix has served up her artisanal concoctions in some of the trendiest and most popular bars in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. HarperCollins published her cocktail book, Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers, in 2019. She also founded the Drink From Home brand, which features direct-to-consumer cocktail kits.

Jason Mraz has on a silver sequin jacket with a black shirt and black slacks. Daniella Karagach stands slightly to the side and in front him while wearing a silver dress with pieces of fringe coming off of it various places.

Jason Mraz, with Daniella Karagach
Two-time Grammy Award®-winning singer-songwriter and Songwriters Hall of Fame honoree Jason Mraz is bringing the rhythm to the dance floor this season. He is known for his hits “I’m Yours” and “I Won’t Give Up” and most recently his eighth studio album, Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride.

Adrian Peterson is wearing a sheer silver shirt with black slacks as he lifts up Britt Stewart with one hand. She wears a dress with white feathers on the bottom half and silver rhinestones on top.

Adrian Peterson, with Britt Stewart
NFL All-Star Adrian Peterson is hanging up his jersey and shimmying into a tux. While playing college football at the University of Oklahoma, he set the freshman rushing record with 1,925 yards. He was named a unanimous All-American that year and became the first freshman to finish as a runner-up in the Heisman Trophy balloting. He was then drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and set an NFL record for the most rushing yards in a single game, was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, and was named MVP for his performance in the Pro Bowl.

Lele Pons has her arm intertwined in Brandon Armstrong’s as she wears a silver fringe skirt and a silver top with a high neck detail. Armstrong wears a silver jacket with a black shirt and black pants.

Lele Pons, with Brandon Armstrong
Singer and social media star Lele Pons has captured the hearts of fans around the globe with her comedic videos and now has over 100 million followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. She has released hit singles including “Celoso,” which became a major hit in Latin America and Spain.

Mira Sorvino wears a floor length gold fringe tiered dress as she stands back to back with Gleb Savchenko who is wearing a dark silver reflective blazer with black pants.

Mira Sorvino, with Gleb Savchenko
Oscar®-winning actress Mira Sorvino can be seen playing Monica Lewinsky’s mother, Marcia Lewis, in American Crime Story: Impeachment and has previously had roles in the comedy classic Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and a four-episode arc of Modern Family.

Jaimie Lynn Spears has on a reflective silver dress with one hand on her hip and the other around Alan Bersten’s neck. He has one knee on the floor and the other bent.

Jamie Lynn Spears, with Alan Bersten
Actress and singer Jamie Lynn Spears rose to prominence in the shows All That and Zoey 101. Most recently, she released an intimate memoir, Things I Should Have Said, which quickly became a national bestseller.

Mauricio Umansky is wearing a silver blazer with his hands crossed in front of him, as Emma Slater leans on his shoulde, wearing a silver two-piece skirt and top combo.Mauricio Umansky, with Emma Slater
Real estate mogul and TV star Mauricio Umansky is the founder and CEO of The Agency, a billion-dollar brokerage. He has represented some of the world’s most noteworthy properties and recently published The Dealmaker.

Matt Walsh is wearing a silver blazer with a black button down and black slacks as he puts his hands on Koko Iwasaki’s hips. She has one of her arms up and is wearing a gold and silver dress with fringe at the bottom.Matt Walsh, with Koko Iwasaki
Comedian and two-time Emmy® Award-nominated actor Matt Walsh is a founding member of the sketch and improv theater Upright Citizens Brigade. He recently appeared in and co-wrote Unplugging and is the co-host of the podcast Second in Command.

Barry Williams is wearing a silver blazer, black shirt, and black slacks with his arms crossed and Peta Murgatroyd resting her hand on his shoulder. She wears a long white dress with a slit and rhinestones.

Barry Williams, with Peta Murgatroyd
Actor Barry Williams hosted a successful six-year run of the 70s Music Celebration! Starring Barry Williams in Branson, Missouri, and is now ready to burst onto the stage again on Dancing with the Stars. He has starred in hundreds of productions on television, movies, and Broadway, including It Takes a Thief, That Girl, and The Mod Squad. He wrote his autobiography, Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg, which stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for several months.

Disney Parks Unveils Future Projects, Surprises at Destination D23

By Frank Pallotta

The presentation titled “A Celebration of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” at this year’s Destination D23 in Orlando, Florida, included some major announcements.

Here is a list of just some of the amazing things that guests can expect from Disney Parks and Resorts.

A New Zootopia Show at the Tree of Life Theater

Characters from Zootopia including Nick, Judy, Gazelle, Yax, Police Chief Bogo, Priscilla, the Sloth, and Clawhauser step into a cave with a mini audience in front of them.

The attraction—which is being created for the Tree of Life Theater at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park—has guests joining Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and other characters as they travel through the wild world of Zootopia.

Imagineers are currently finalizing the concept, and more details will be coming in the future.

A New Pirates of the Caribbean-Themed Lounge

A green parrot in a pirate’s hat pulls on a rope with his mouth. The rope is attached to a sail, behind which a bunch of pirates are having a party while hoisting bottles up in the air.

A first-of-its-kind experience will extend the story of Pirates of the Caribbean and is coming to Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park in Florida.

Imagineers are in the design process now, and more details are coming in the future.

Country Bear Jamboree Is Getting a New Act

A tan, yellow and light blue poster has Grizzly Hall written at the top with Proudly Presents written under that and Country Bear Musical Jamboree written under that. Eight bears are on the poster with their names written in white on a red banner under their names. Henry is in the middle wearing a cowboy hat, blue jacket, green collared shirt, and purple scarf tie. Romeo McGrowl is on the left singing while looking to the side with his eyes closed. Trixie is below him, wearing hair and neck bows with her eyes closed. Terrence “Shaker” is below Henry and looks to the side while singing with a beige cowboy hat and black neck tie. Ernest the Dude is smiling at Terrence Shaker as he wears a red and white striped tank top with a blue neck tie and white hat. To the right of Henry is Wendell who is wearing a brown hat with a blue feather, and Teddi Barra who is wearing a pink hat with a blue feather. Above them is Big Al who has a confused look on his face while wearing a brown hat. Musical notes are scattered across the page and written in red at the bottom is: Featuring The Five Bear Rugs, Opening 2024.

The bears of Country Bear Jamboree will be performing a new act in 2024.

When the show debuts, the bears will be reinterpreting classic Disney songs in different genres of country music. Imagineers are envisioning the experience as a homage to Nashville’s classic musical revues.

Don’t worry, the Jamboree will still have the fun and friendly tone fans have come to love, with the same famous characters such as the lovable Trixie, Big Al, and others.

A New World-Jump Vehicle Is Coming to Avengers Campus

A spaceship emerges from another dimension that is full of orange and yellow colors and is hovering over a blue toned neighborhood that features a house with another spaceship on top of the roof.

A brand-new world-jumping vehicle is coming to the next attraction at Avengers Campus that will transport guests and heroes into the Multiverse.

The ride vehicle will incorporate some of the mightiest aspects of the Marvel universe, such as elements of Tony Stark’s time-suits, Xandarian jump points, and Wakandan technology.

More details on this high-tech vehicle are coming in the future.

Test Track Reimagined 

The Test Track ride features a track with a rounded vehicle that has 2 row of seats with 3 people in each row. Around them there is a lot of foliage and sunlight coming from behind.

Test Track—one of the most thrilling attractions at EPCOT—will be reimagined.

Imagineers and the team at Chevrolet are reaching back into history for inspiration—including the original World of Motion attraction from EPCOT’s early days—and bringing that spirit of optimism to the next evolution of Test Track.

From Dinoland U.S.A. to ‘Tropical Americas’

An aerial view concept painting of the possible new land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom features a rounded building with lights on the roof, red roofed buildings, a fountain surrounded by pink flowers, lots of foliage including palm trees that line the beige pathways, and an arched entrance.

Walt Disney Imagineering is planning to reimagine Dinoland U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom into a new land, inspired by a region sometimes referred to as “tropical Americas.”

To create the new land, Imagineers are looking at some of the most biodiverse areas on the planet in the regions just north and south of the equator in the Western Hemisphere—the northern part of South America, stretching up into Central America.

New experiences inspired by Encanto—the award-winning Walt Disney Animation Studios film—and the beloved adventurer Indiana Jones are being considered for the reimagined land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Bruce Vaughn, Chief Creative Officer at Walt Disney Imagineering, added that “there’s a long way to go and a lot more to discover, but Imagineering teams in Florida are up for the challenge.”

D23 Exclusive Q&A: Proud Mouse Authors Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel

By Alison Stateman

To celebrate Tuesday’s publication of Proud Mouse from Disney Legend Idina Menzel (Frozen) and her sister, Cara Mentzel, an acclaimed writer and teacher, we sat down with the siblings for an exclusive chat about the sequel to their children’s picture book Loud Mouse. The new book, with illustrations by Jaclyn Sinquett, is a lyrical tale geared to readers ages 3 to 5 about a proud sister learning to find her own way in the world.

D23: What inspired you to write a sequel to Loud Mouse?
Cara Mentzel (CM): We always wanted it to have a companion [book]. It was a pair.
Idina Menzel (IM): It’s a story about sisters. The real spirit in it is the sibling relationship. Loud Mouse might have begun with the impetus to write about my own honest early childhood experience as a little girl, discovering her own voice, literally and figuratively, but because my sister is such an important part of my life, she would be in the book no matter what. And, of course, she’s the person I turn to for guidance, so it became evident that we wanted to explore their dynamic more. I actually wanted to take the spotlight and put it on her for a change.
CM: I really love the idea of two people who love each other being able to stand as individuals, but also being highly connected.

D23: For Loud Mouse, one of the themes was about embracing the light inside of ourselves. How does Proud Mouse build on that theme?
CM: In Loud Mouse, you’ve got Dee, who takes this part of herself, this talent, out into the world and then has this unique experience of it. There is some discomfort in that for her, and then she has her journey to figure that out. And in Proud Mouse, Cara Lee is so excited to take herself out to school for the first time and introduce herself to the world. Then she has this uncomfortable experience she’s not sure what to make of, and she has her own self-discovery experience.
IM: Cara likes to say that it’s a little misleading when we say to kids “just be yourself” all the time, as if that’s the easiest thing in the world. We’re all trying to figure that out as grownups. It’s something we’ll continue doing forever, always trying to assess who we are and how we take up space in the world and what we want to say in the world. So asking little kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is essentially putting the cart before the horse. I think it’s actually rare for someone like me, at 7 years old, to say, “I want to be a singer and that’s it.” Most people in the world are exploring and asking questions and trying different things. I love that in this followup book, it’s about Cara’s curiosity and the questions she asks, the desire to understand herself—whether it be in her own reflection or standing beside other people and in connection to the world around her, but that it’s okay to have questions.
CM: She so values this idea of being a student of the world and being a student at school, and what she realizes is one of the things she has to learn about is herself. And, of course, we encourage kids to learn about the world and to learn about others too, but in this instance, it’s her sense of self that she’s not sure about, because she’s sort of sister-adjacent all the time and doesn’t know the world without her sister in it.
IM: What’s really nice about this project for the two of us as adults is that obviously art really does imitate life in so many ways. It’s this beautiful lens that we’re seeing our own relationship through.

D23: Cara, how did your experience as a teacher lend itself to writing Proud Mouse? What lessons from teaching have you applied to this story and storytelling in general?
CM: I started out teaching third grade, but have since taught second, fourth, and fifth grade—and then I taught as a literacy specialist for kindergarten through fifth. It informed the book in so many [ways]. Everything from what words I chose—the fact that it’s Dee and Cara Lee, so there’s a rhyme there—to wanting to make sure the storyline is explicit and clear. But there’s also all of these sophisticated semantic levels, so if you’re an older sibling or a parent or just someone who’s read the book 100 times, there’s something new that you’re getting out of it. And the humor, knowing what’s going to make a kid laugh.
IM: I don’t think I would have done it without her, honestly, because she gives it the integrity that it has because of her understanding of language and it being age-appropriate for children’s development. And the idea that, knowing that I would want to have a musical aspect to it, knowing how refrains are such wonderful ways to encourage and help with literacy—
CM: To give kids access to the text. Even if they can’t read the book yet, they memorize the refrain. They feel like they’re part of the experience.

The cover of the new children’s book Proud Mouse is depicted. It reads at top: “By acclaimed writer and teacher Cara Mentzel and Frozen’s Elsa and Tony Award Winner Idina Menzel.” The title, Proud Mouse, appears in large red bubble-shaped letters above the subhead: “How a little sister found her own way.” At the bottom of cover, it reads “Illustrated by Jacklyn Sinquett.” One mouse character dressed in a pink dress with knee-length socks and sneakers is lying on the ground in a forest staring up at her sister, also a mouse who holds an open book with an excited look on her face. She wears a green shirt with daisy on it, wide-leg jeans, and green sneakers. An open blue knapsack with papers and pink swim-goggles is visible, with crayons and a tennis ball spilled out.

D23: The illustrations in the book are really sweet and funny. Do you have a favorite page or moment?
CM: It changes every time, because Jaclyn Sinquett is just so talented and she’s captured so many beautiful things. Part of what makes it hard is that sometimes there are these frames that are just so gorgeous, and other times there’s some that are just so detailed and funny.
IM: It was important that we had both in the illustrations, when we were looking to choose who would illustrate the book. So when you go back and read these books over and over, as you normally do with your kids, you discover new things. But I think the ponytail…
CM: Ah, the ponytail…
IM: But there’s also this beautiful pool and she dives into it.
CM: Yeah, when she dives into her own reflection.

D23: What made you want to pick mice as your main characters?
IM: We had a bunch of classic books that we love that were mice—
CM: Stuart Little, or [The Tale of] Despereaux, or the Kevin Henkes books.
IM: And then we also felt when we were talking about a being needing to grow really big—when they’re full of their passion and their love for what they do—it would make the best juxtaposition for it to come from something that’s not normally seen as being very boisterous.
CM: We thought it was really fun, and animals are very universal in terms of access.
IM: They make it less specific to us, so kids can see themselves in an animal more than perhaps a little Cara.

D23: You have created a book focusing on each one of you. Can we look forward to more adventures between the two siblings?
IM: We’re working on it being out in different mediums and we have other stories and characters, little Easter eggs in both books that we’ve put there so the other characters can come to life perhaps a bit more—[particularly] the Deaf and hard-of-hearing character, and Val, who is a they. What we like writing about are complicated emotions for kids. We as moms prided ourselves on giving our kids a verbal way of expressing their emotions, being able to put words to the way they feel, which I think gives them more power in their life.
CM: [Kids need to know] that you can feel more than one emotion at a time. From a teacher perspective, the social and emotional learning piece is something that’s important to us. We wanted there to be a lot of access points for conversation.