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10 Things You Need to Know About Disney Movies Anywhere


Disney Movies Anywhere, Disney’s all-new, cloud-based digital movie service connects with iTunes to offer access to your Disney movies on multiple devices, including Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and Apple TV (via iTunes and AirPlay), plus desktop and laptop computers via the Disney Movies Anywhere website. You can purchase, manage and watch movies from Disney, Pixar and Marvel at home and on the go.

Here are the 10 things every Disney fan should know about Disney Movies Anywhere:


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD MOVIES WITH EASE – You can view your movies right from the Disney Movies Anywhere app, plus desktop and laptop computers via the Disney Movies Anywhere website. You can also download each movie on your Apple device—perfect for moments when you don’t have WiFi or are heading out on a road trip. Once you’re done viewing the movie, you can delete it from your device and still find it conveniently located within the app.


VIEW BONUS FEATURES – Each movie comes with special bonus looks and content, and there’s no stopping additional content from appearing in the future.


PERFECT FOR FAMILIES – Got a family with multiple mobile devices? Two devices can stream movies from Disney Movies Anywhere at the same time. So while you’re on a thunderous adventure watching Thor: The Dark World on Apple TV, the kids can chill out and watch Frozen right from their iPad.


CHECK OUT THE “DISCOVER” SECTION – With this feature, browse through the latest Disney movie-related videos. Sharp eyes will notice the Disney Movies Anywhere-exclusive content. You never know what fun fact you’ll learn or never-before-seen scene you’ll see!


YOU’LL BE A FAN OF “FAVORITES” – Whether your exploring movies in the “Browse” section or you come across an interesting video in the “Discover” section, you can “heart” each item and find them later in the “My Collection” section, under the “Favorites” tab. Your most-liked content will never, ever go missing again… at least in the app, that is!

DISNEY MOVIE REWARDS-FRIENDLY – Are you a Disney Movie Rewards addict? If your answer is yes, perfect! If not, you’ll soon be. You can now access the Disney Movie Rewards service right from the Disney Movies Anywhere app and collect all of your points in a snap. Also, if you have Disney DVDs and Blu-rays released since 2008, you can enter your eligible codes through the “Reward” section, too. It’s never been easier to redeem Disney Movie Rewards credit.

UNIQUELY CURATED DISNEY CATEGORIES – From “Award-Winning Disney Movies” to the “Best of the Sherman Brothers,” Disney Movies Anywhere features categories that’ll display movies to fit Disney fan preferences.

LOGGING IN IS A CINCH – Got a Disney Movie Rewards, Disney Infinity, or a Disney.com account? You’re all set for Disney Movies Anywhere. You can log in with your account information and begin the viewing magic quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


HIGH QUALITY, MODEST DOWNLOAD SIZE – Don’t want your movies to use up all of the memory on your device? Disney Movies Anywhere presents the latest Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies in stunning quality, all within the itty-bitty size of the app.


GET A DIGITAL COPY OF THE INCREDIBLES FOR FREE – Yes, for free! Download the app and connect your iTunes account… and poof! A free digital copy of Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles will magically appear in your “My Collection” section. But be quick, this offer doesn’t last forever!

Download Disney Movies Anywhere today and visit DisneyMoviesAnywhere.com.