10 Disney Things You Didn’t Know You Needed from UNIQLO

By Nicole Nalty

Collecting merchandise, visiting the theme parks, movie marathons… there are so many ways to show your love for Disney! Personally, we like to wear our love on our sleeves with some awesome Disney style. And what better place to expand your Disney wardrobe than UNIQLO? We’ve picked out ten of our favorite styles from their Disney collection—click the image to order online, or enter here for a chance to win a hand-picked UNIQLO wardrobe just for you!

UNIQLO Mickey Mouse plush

How cute is this Mickey Mouse plush? There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, but we’re particularly fond of this black and white plaid. Doesn’t it remind you of Steamboat Willie?

UNIQLO Darth Vader shirt

We agree, Darth Vader. It’s absolutely pointless to resist buying this Star Wars tee.

UNIQLO Alice in Wonderland shirt

Curiouser and curiouser… Keep friends guessing with this quirky Cheshire Cat tee.

UNIQLO Frozen pajamas

Cozy up for a cool sleepover in these Elsa-inspired pajamas.

UNIQLO Minnie Mouse shirt

Yoo Hoo! Minnie Mouse looks super sweet on this simple tee.

UNIQLO Mickey Mouse pouch

Store your park tickets, sunglasses, and wallet in this practically perfect Mickey Mouse pouch.

UNIQLO Toy story shirt

OoooOOoOOoH! This Toy Story tee is definitely one of the chosen ones.

UNIQLO Mickey slippers

Snuggly slippers in a classic pattern feature a mice nod to our friend Mickey.

UNIQLO Star Wars shirt

This is the droid (and tee!) you’re looking for…

UNIQLO Snow White shirt

It would be easy to whistle while you work in this Snow White tee!